Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Expanding My Horizon

Reaching forty opened my eyes to a lot of more important things in my life. This includes resigning from my regular office work to be just a part-time consultant. I began to realize that I shouldn’t be focusing so much on my career which is not giving me the true fulfillment of my dreams. I took up my Engineering course to assure me of better opportunities at work when I graduate and true to my plan I got a job before I even graduate.

Graduation was a happy event because I was hired already, no worries of unemployment. I had five jobs and my present employment freezes my wandering feet and mind. I just celebrated my 16th year last month but happiness is far from my thought that I reached those years.

Now I want to focus on my family and earning money for me can be done even if I’m not employed or hooked up in an 8-5 schedule. Family first before career is what I aimed to do and I talked to my boss to arrange everything for my early retirement. Thank God for his kind assistance and after almost one year of filing my resignation he’s willing to let me leave my full-time job just as long as I agree to his part-time work offer. Now I’m waiting for my replacement and looking forward to expanding my horizons, better online job opportunities, more quality time with my loved ones, time for myself and time to learn new things that I want.


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