Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting Out of Debt

My friend badly needs money and he’s asking if I can help him understand how he can have annuity quote to help him get big amount of cash. For the last few months he had some financial difficulties with his credit cards which accumulated big interests. He’s planning to pay every thing so he’ll have peace of mind over his finances. He has a point actually and I hope that he’ll get over this difficult situation soon. It always feels good when you’re out of debt.


My Dad’s Memoirs

I’m happy when I got home and saw that our dining table and chairs were completely restored to original look and actually much better. The old dining furniture which looked so old and plain was restored to being elegant and classic. I love the new maple varnish color of the antique dining table and wooden chairs. My brother in law who did all the repairs and finishing touches patiently did all he can do to restore the furniture and I was astonished at the final results. 

Today he did some wonders on our 2.5 meter divider and I learned that he’s looking for some pieces of locating pins to help him in positioning some other furniture he needs to repair. When I arrived home the newly repaired and varnished divider was the first thing that I saw in our veranda. Even if we spent finances for the repair and restoration it’s all worth every penny. Those dining furniture were creations of my Dad and it’s one of his memoirs to us.


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