Wednesday, February 17, 2010

:WW - Gotcha!

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This was Josh as we caught him playing with the little pond in my friend's Gazebo. He almost touched the water when I called him and he instantly looked at me, smiled and asked 'Why Mommy?' Josh is like that he always thinks that he can get away with a smile lol! Anyway with our family members in the house he actually can :-) Even her sisters who sometimes pretends to be angry with him can't hide the laughs for long, they will break down when Josh shows his teeth :-) He's such a dear kid always making us laugh with his antics!

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Doctor’s Advice is Important

I’m really amazed when I see some women with a bony frame and I keep thinking if they have stopped eating or simply eat less for a human requirement. I’m a bit over reacting but I’m really surprised because mothers especially those who have undergone caesarean delivery have a hard time slimming back to their original form. Some says it’s all about metabolism and discipline and I agree to that. I remember last year when I disciplined myself into skipping rice on dinner and taking fruits as alternative. It worked on me and I lost some pounds.

It’s hard to resist dinner but if you’re serious about losing weight you’ll survive. My friend who can’t do the ‘skipping dinner’ thing asked me if drugstores allowed buying phentermine without prescription from doctor. How do I know? I’m afraid to take diet pills without doctor’s advice. I want to lose excessive pounds but I don’t want to be sick from taking diet pills without prescription.


Can You Keep Your Emotions in Check?

You Have Your Emotions in Check

You are an incredibly stable and happy person.
Ever consider being a therapist?
You have figured out how to keep a positive outlook, no matter what.
You don't have an easier life than anyone else. You just have figured things out a little more.

I really want to be like that - having my emotions in check because if you're not in control of your emotions it can mislead major decisions in your life. I always want to have positive outlook in life because that's one of the things that a Christian should be, a positive thinker! Want to try this one, get it here!


Inspirational God Books

I met God in my life at the time that I was seeking a deeper relationship with Him. I attend mass every Sunday but I feel no deep insight what God has planned for me, it’s like going to church as an obligation. There was no fellowship as I don’t know the person beside me and everything was like a tradition until I met God. God used my brother to share His wonderful words to me and throughout the 3 months that we shared God’s word it finally dawned on me that I need God in my life more than ever. I was revived in the spirit and the empty space inside my heart was filled with gladness of having God in my life.

I started to join my brother’s church fellowship and was baptized after a month. It wasn’t an easy step for me because when I left the religion that I was born into I encountered difficulties and persecutions. I didn’t let those things discouraged me from going on and from that day onwards I’m still at my feet serving God. My life was transformed from a blank future to a well secured life, from reading romance and wisdom books to religious books, from hanging out with office friends to staying in the church’ bible study, from spending my money on material things to saving some of it for our camp meeting fellowship and outreach ministry.

Although I’m not perfect I tried to live a life centered on God’s fellowship. God has changed many things about me and I’m so glad He had because the old me is not worthy to be called a Christian. Reading God books has helped me see life in a different perspective and it also changed most of my bad attitudes. The Holy Bible made me see how God showed His grace, mercy and compassion to His children. The different books in the bible can be a pattern to our lives also as it shows how our brethren in the old times has lived and turned to God for help.

The stories showed how they learn from their mistakes and how God has forgiven them. It tells a lot about the teachings Jesus has shared to His disciples. It’s really good to be with God’s presence that even if you have problems you’re confident that there is someone who will help and guide you no matter what. Now with the modern technology we have now we can read teachings and messages online like what Bob Fraley Christian Life Outreach is doing. They’re sharing God’s word all over the world and helping the people in Africa. Visit their site for some inspirational books!


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