Monday, February 8, 2010

Software Tools for Cost Estimation

I’ve been with a consultancy firm for ten years and the firm has been mainly involved with consultancy for roads, bridges, flyovers, buildings and infrastructure projects. I was with the Technical Proposal team and we’re the team who doesn’t sleep when we have to submit big bidding projects to clients. On not so critical days I also help my friend with her job in estimation for cost and specifications of our current projects. She’s a cost specifications engineer and in-charged of some bridge and flyover projects. I know that the job and paper works wouldn’t be so hard if they will use a software cost estimating tools that will help to know in quick time if there will be deficiencies in resource, cost and target finish time.

Having software that will cover various aspects of project is a big help in managing projects like SEER software which provides cost estimation tools, project estimating, analyzing, planning and control. All these aspects can make a project be the best or the worst so it should given the right tools and staff to ensure successful projects and organization. SEER offers tools for software, manufacturing, hardware, electronic and systems and for IT.


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