Wednesday, October 14, 2009

:WW - Airforce Gear at the Museum

These are the airforce gear and accessories for different type of positions and designations several years back which can be seen on Airforce Museum only. This was part of Josh Educational Tour. It's their first stop here and I had plenty of shots. Josh looks tired here as there were too many things to look and walk around. Actually he's amazed at those statues :-)

Visit some of the fishes in their tour of Bioresearch at Moments of My Life!

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Herbal Tea Instead of Coffee

I started drinking ABS herbal tea today instead of drinking too much coffee as I can feel it’s not doing me good. No I’m not stopping my coffee intake I’m just limiting the number of times I’m taking it to prevent being addicted to it. That’s what we’re always joking about ‘our coffee addiction’. Imagine I’ve been very health conscious and I don’t eat foods that are proven to have bad effects but I’m taking coffee thrice a day? Not good I know so I’m limiting it to one cup a day.

Hope I can continue it as it’s also making me fat because most of the times I put too much sugar and milk to make it so creamy. This is another step of decreasing my risk of heart problems and also on gaining pounds again. I’m happy now that I’m slowly taking control of my weight. Although it’s not really noticeable that I lost little amount of pounds the fact remains that I’m on the losing side and I don’t have to think yet of taking diet pills now as most of my friends did when they gained pounds. I don’t mind taking it also as long as it’s safe for my health.


Got Worried!

Got a little worried when I read Ruth’s message that her head was aching. I instructed her to get permission and pass from her teacher so she can go home as soon as possible. I’m waiting for her response so I can go to their school now but since the afternoon session started and it rained heavily at the same time her teacher decided no to let her go as it’s safer to stay in school. She sent me a message not to fetch her as she’ll be finishing her classes and will come home at 4 pm. I’m glad that she has decided to stay as exposure to heavy rains might make her ill even if she’s with me. Anyway I can’t just go there during classes as it’s not permitted, only on emergency and since it’s only a headache Ruth decided to stay for another 3 hours. My kids have their service vehicle in school but I’ll go to her before her classes ends.


Results of Always Working at Midnight

Lately I’ve been blogging at night up to at least 2 in the morning because I can have my own time with no disturbances. It’s hard to write when there’s so much chores to do or errands to go so I chose late nights up to midnight or early dawn to finish all my tasks and do blog hopping. I really miss visiting my favorite sites and I want to return the drops of my ec visitors. I had a hard time updating my schedule especially visiting other blogs when power became inconsistent due to storm in the last week of September and power plant fire on the early days of this month. I was lucky to finish and submit all my due tasks on time. Actually I just had my blogging next town to us and schedule my time according to power interruption schedule so by the time I got there I will be assured that there’s power!

But midnight blogging is not really healthy if done for continuous days so maybe I’ll stop today as power has returned to normal conditions since Monday. Many friends I knew who are staying on their PCs until early dawn have stopped suddenly because they incurred skin abnormalities in their face like pimples, acne and skin tightness. They were asking me of the best acne treatment and vitamins for the skin because it’s embarrassing to go to office with acne or pimples. And at a matured age it’s not normal as we all know teenagers were the ones susceptible to acne.


I'm the 60's

Sounds funny because I was expecting I was on the 80's decade as things I love most falls under the 80's decade especially with music and fashion, anyway it brought my mind into another level of thinking that my personality is more compatible with decade 60's.

You Are the 1960s

You are a liberal minded, progressive, and caring person. You believe in love.

You appreciate the dynamic days of the 1960s, when people truly wanted to change the world.

You believe in justice and equality for all. You can't rest until everyone in the world is treated fairly.

You are willing to stand firm for what you believe in, even if no one else is standing with you.


Managing Your Own Business

When my former employer’s daughter started a business a year ago she had a hard time managing all the licenses, location hunting, staff management and looking for small entrepreneur to provide her with some labor and products she’s selling. I’ve known her for years and I didn’t expect her to be so dedicated and hardworking. Despite of being so tired and pressured sometimes she even managed to put a smile on her face which makes her so charming.

Actually I can understand her problems sometimes as I’ve been involved with a small meat products business before and dealing with supplies and providers are quite a handful especially if you have orders to deliver or deadlines to meet. In order to cope with the demands of starting up a business you must deal with good clients and suppliers or companies like fulfillment center who can give the best service with the best of solutions. That’s when you’ll start enjoying your own business.


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