Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Results of Always Working at Midnight

Lately I’ve been blogging at night up to at least 2 in the morning because I can have my own time with no disturbances. It’s hard to write when there’s so much chores to do or errands to go so I chose late nights up to midnight or early dawn to finish all my tasks and do blog hopping. I really miss visiting my favorite sites and I want to return the drops of my ec visitors. I had a hard time updating my schedule especially visiting other blogs when power became inconsistent due to storm in the last week of September and power plant fire on the early days of this month. I was lucky to finish and submit all my due tasks on time. Actually I just had my blogging next town to us and schedule my time according to power interruption schedule so by the time I got there I will be assured that there’s power!

But midnight blogging is not really healthy if done for continuous days so maybe I’ll stop today as power has returned to normal conditions since Monday. Many friends I knew who are staying on their PCs until early dawn have stopped suddenly because they incurred skin abnormalities in their face like pimples, acne and skin tightness. They were asking me of the best acne treatment and vitamins for the skin because it’s embarrassing to go to office with acne or pimples. And at a matured age it’s not normal as we all know teenagers were the ones susceptible to acne.


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