Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got Worried!

Got a little worried when I read Ruth’s message that her head was aching. I instructed her to get permission and pass from her teacher so she can go home as soon as possible. I’m waiting for her response so I can go to their school now but since the afternoon session started and it rained heavily at the same time her teacher decided no to let her go as it’s safer to stay in school. She sent me a message not to fetch her as she’ll be finishing her classes and will come home at 4 pm. I’m glad that she has decided to stay as exposure to heavy rains might make her ill even if she’s with me. Anyway I can’t just go there during classes as it’s not permitted, only on emergency and since it’s only a headache Ruth decided to stay for another 3 hours. My kids have their service vehicle in school but I’ll go to her before her classes ends.


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