Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs Campaign

When you have a business it’s important that you have the proper advertising campaign to promote your products and services. It’s the best medium to introduce your business and what you have to offer to the public consumers. Now there are various kinds of advertising that you can consider like having customized LED business sign to showcase your products. With electronic message center sign you can control your advertising and have unsurpassed promotion directed at your mobile customer base. Your sales will definitely increase with this for a cost of only dollars a day. This electronic reader board will be your advertising strategy over the years.

Having signs showcasing your business really helps a lot like the gas price signs which seems to solve the constant change of prices that would be difficult with the staff. With this kind of signs prices can be changed without so much an effort with just one button from inside, no need to change it right there outside. Strickler Signs made this possible by bringing their customer a sure increase in sales by customizing on premise sign advertising for pylon sign, customs electric signs, message centers, shopping centers, banks, electronic business signs, neon signs and a lot more. 

They use high quality materials that will make the advertising to ensure that the signs they make will last for years to come. I’ve visited the site and look among various samples that they’ve made including the lighted church signs which shows information on the name of the church, the days of their fellowship services and their Pastor. I’ve looked around attractive samples and noted that they have innovative design ideas and fair prices to go with it. Getting a customized signs that will increase your sales will ensure a good return of investment and I should say it’s a good advertising move.


Business Plans for Summer Vacation

My kids are finalizing their school activities next week to start their most-awaited school break. The little boy will end the earliest as it’s their last day tomorrow. My eldest will finish her last exams tomorrow and have three days more next week. Gen will be graduating on April 4 and started on having graduation practice since Monday. She was hoping for a good place in the honor roll and I told her that no matter what number will she get I’ll always be happy and proud of her. She has spent 7 years of schooling in her school since Preparatory level and kinda sad that she’ll be leaving the school to enter secondary education. She’s a consistent honor in her class and aspiring until now no matter how hard it is to be included in the top positions. 

Now that she’ll be joining her sibling in high school we will be facing higher school expenses this coming school year. We’re now thinking of putting some money on sure investments like small business or buying gold bullion but we’ll have to add more capital because our savings is small for that kind. For this coming summer vacation we’re starting up our small fruit store to add some funds for next school year and to see where we can be good at. I’m calling some suppliers now from our hometown to ensure that we’ll get lower rates than if we get it here in the city.


TC: Green - Health Week Presentation

for fun and learning
"GREEN" (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,...)

 This shot was taken months back during one of the programs in my son's school.  They were celebrating  health week and each grade level presented their unique poem, songs, dances and drama with the theme focused on health and nutrition.  We also had our share on our own as all parent officers prepared healthy foods to feed to all students of Little Jewels Christian School.  Notice the costumes of the kids here representing vegetables.  They danced to represent the value of eating vegetable with the song 'Makulay ang Buhay sa Sinabawang Gulay....' (life is colorful with soupy vegetables).

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