Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pursuing Education Degree and Investment

My daughters are in secondary education now and in few years’ time they will start chasing their dreams in life. In two years’ time my eldest will enter college just in time that DH will graduate from college. He returned schooling to earn a degree that will fulfil his dream of a teaching career. His job will only be good just as long as he’s strong and young and no future when he grows older. Before he resigned from 19 years of tenure he has experienced health problems due to hard work and that’s when we decided to pursue our plans. He’s good in school and hope to be good in his new career after two more years. 

Well our jobs wouldn’t be that enough to sustain our kids’ education if we didn’t think of business and investments so we’re also thinking of the best that will give us extra income. My friend who has the same needed expenses in the future has started to follow her heart and invest on silver bullion bars so after few more years she’ll reap the profit from high appreciation values of her investments. She’s right and I’m happy for her new found interest and business investment but for me I still don’t have enough money to get in that kind of investment. Hope I’ll have in the future.


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