Friday, April 30, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #74


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This is my shot of the University of Rizal System Morong Campus where I accompanied my friend in taking university entrance examination. I need to use my two-hour idle time so I walk around the campus and took some sky shots for this meme. I also observed that the campus is very wide that it can still accommodate more campus buildings in the future.

It's just unfortunate that Morong is very far from us that studying here is not feasible enough for me, for my kids I mean in the future. It's a one-hour travel without traffic but it's tiring enough for students. It's only possible if the student will stay in boarding house. Anyway I gather from the waiting Moms there that they provide quality education here and with just a small amount of tuition fees. That's good news!

Note: I wasn't able to put my copyright due to some problem in my software but this is an original shot from me.

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House Improvement Plans

I’m thinking of another house project that we’ll start after the enrollment of our kids to improve some areas in our house. I was quite satisfied with the projects that we had in the past few month starting from the renovation of our bathroom where we bought nice bathroom accessories, lavatory, toilets like the Kohler toilets I’ve seen online, soap and tissue holders, shower heads, faucets and plumbing fixtures. We also had our fence and garden area fixed and built and some other areas in the house.

I was thinking of pushing through our plans of converting our first floor room into a TV or family room. Then I will renovate the master’s bedroom in the second floor. It was used only as a storage room since we have enough rooms for us all. Now that the kids are growing up I’d like a wider space in our ground floor to accommodate their friends and classmates on some occasions. It can also be useful for their group study and group projects. I would want them to do those projects in our house than in their classmates’ place.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Gift to God

Myspace God Graphics Quotes

We owe a lot from God – our life and all the blessings that He bestowed upon us in order that we live our live comfortably and happily. He never forsakes us when we need His help. He answers our prayers when we need healing from Him and He’s always there for us whenever we need Him. We just need to know what are His plans for us and we should be able to return back all the blessings to Him by helping our brothers who need our help. If we become the person that God has planned us to be that’s a kind of gift we can give Him. The kind of person who are always ready to understand, give love, support and ready to help others in our best and unique ways.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Perks of Moving

There are many reasons of moving out to another place. One of the most consistent so far that I have observed is the call of new job. Most often we are forced to move to another place to be near our regular jobs. It demands a higher transportation allowance if our work is so far from our house. I have a friend and office mate whose husband was promoted but required to move to a far provincial city because he was assigned as the new manager of the branch located there. My friend had a lot of thinking and balancing if she and her kids will accompany her husband. We advised her to move with his husband because it will be better if they’re family is intact. Their kids were very young then and she followed our advice. Their moving and storage wasn’t a problem because the company paid it all. They lived there for three long years before they came back to their house. They came to love the place in their 3-year stay and wanted to live there again.

We shouldn’t be sad with moving out because it also gave us new horizons, new friends and sometimes better future for our family. It may be sad leaving your properties, work, friends and relatives but you’ll only have to think that there are new things ahead of you. Well when it comes to long distance moving I know of a good company who will help your move easier and more organized. With the help of Smartbox you’ll have a better option of moving with comfort and affordability.

No more costly rental and tiring packing because their mobile storage containers can hold a room and smaller boxes can be used for more flexible sorted things. SmartBox will deliver it to your home and it’s so affordable that you only get to pay for the boxes that you used. They’ll refund for the unused boxes so you’ll get the most out of your money. It’s not only convenient but economical too!


Monday, April 26, 2010

:BM/MYM/RT: Musicians at Work!


I love paintings and I like looking at them always. I'm lucky enough that in my previous job there are some beautiful painting around our office which satisfy my eyes everyday. When I decided to resign and took an early (young) retirement to work at home I'm quite happy that I took photos of all my fave paintings for remembrance :-). This is one of those paintings and I like this because it depicts musicians while they're playing their instruments. I love the combination of blue,yellow,red and some other colors. The blue background is just perfect! This is where I love to have my shots taken, anyway it's located at our conference room.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #73


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My shot here was taken when I visited my former office and was happy to cross for the first time the long awaited overpass bridge that we prayed would push through. It was completed months after I left my work and it was just last week when I had the time to visit my office mates. I also had to arrange something for my tax refund.

Anyway this shot was aimed to feature the clouds over Eastwood City, a very busy place for business offices mostly call center companies, international banks and malls. It also has spendid restos and fast food chains. Sometimes I miss seeing this view from the glass of our office building. It was a sight I always see when we're at our conference room. Miss the view dearly but not the work lol!

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Greener Car Wash

I saw how hubby painstakingly cleaned and waxed our car every week before we went to our fellowship service. Sometimes it only takes a few days and it’s already dusty again. It really takes time to maintain and care for your car. It’s like having another baby because it requires careful attention in order to keep it clean and in running in good condition. When I see other shiny cars I wonder if they’re using some kind of magic product that we haven’t discovered yet. Now I have discovered what it is. I found this waterless car wash product which cleans and waxes the exterior surface of your car with carnauba wax which guards the car’s exterior against dirt and beads water up to 3 long months. Great isn’t it? Now car owners and users don’t have to waste their time waxing their cars as frequently as the shine lasts for a longer period of time.

But I was advised to carefully choose the kind of waterless car wash because some of them fade in a week or so. Better choose the ever-tested EZdetailer waterless car wash because it contains carnauba wax, special lubricants and cleaning agents that others don't, to give your car the protection it needs after cleaning. It would save you money, time and effort. If you’re an advocate for eco-friendly products this is perfect for you as it promotes greener car washing. Unlike other products EZ detailer has no contaminants that can harm our environment. Well, you can even use it on boats, RVs and airplanes. It can also help you with your household cleaning as it works on ceramic, porcelain, home appliances, outdoor furniture and more. You have the choice of plenty of wonderful uses without damaging our environment, it must be the better choice.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

:WW - Kids at Play!

Kids at the camp enjoy the day playing in the field after their bible school. They know that after our two-day camp fellowship they will not have this big area where they can play anything, no space limitation :-). As the kids on the top pic were happily posing for me while they were swinging the two kids below (my little boy Josh and his friend King Jae) were busy playing their little ninja and jumping play not noticing my wandering cam! See their happy faces here!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Better Sleeping Days

I’m happy that finally after nearly two weeks of severe back pain I had two nights of good and sound sleep which made me feel a lot better. I had the back pain interrupting my sleep at dawn last week that’s why I feel bad in the morning. Actually I’m thinking of taking sleeping pills just to rest and get a good sleep but now I’m glad that I don’t have to take them anymore because I can sleep better these days. Sleep is very important to me because even if you eat the right kinds of food and exercise daily you will not be refreshed the next day if you lack the sleep necessary to keep us healthy. We need that and for bloggers like me we can’t think of fresh bright ideas to write if we don’t have enough rest.


Do People Like You?

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People like that you give them complements. You make people feel good about themselves!

People like your self deprecating sense of humor and that you don't take yourself too seriously.


Part of Teenage Years

Now that school vacation is here I look for something that my kids can do inside and outside the house. DH doesn’t want to enroll them in music lessons or any other summer schooling because he wants them to relax and rest this vacation because for ten months they really sacrificed sleeping hours doing their home works and projects. They even go to school on some Saturdays so he deemed it well for them to really have a school vacation.

Since Ruth will enter high school and entering adolescence period I’m teaching her how to take care of herself properly to avoid some skin diseases. Most teenagers experienced using acne cleanser because they suffer from growth of acne on their young skin faces. They will have to use it when they have acne to prevent it from spreading too much. I hope DD will be like me when it comes to face skin problems because my skin type is not prone to that kind of problem. I just experienced it once or twice when I was in my teens. I feel relieve about it because it’s not easy having pimples or acne. It’s irritating to have them and sometimes it’s a source of inferiority complex when you have it.


Doing My Tasks in My Brother's House

I’m here now at my big bro’s house doing my tasks, checking my mails and doing everything I have to do because I don’t have internet connection at home. I’m disappointed that at the peak period of my work my internet would be down. I’m tired enough to hop through houses now. I’m just fortunate that my brother is living 10 minutes walk away from house or I’ll be panicking with my due tasks. Though I have bought my new prepaid internet I’m still not comfortable using it and it’s not that fast and reliable as my unlimited broadband. Wish Smartbro would be ok when I arrived my house later.


All Inclusive Deals for your Dream Vacation

Are you planning your family vacation? Well we are but we’re only planning a one to two-day stay at one of the beautiful resorts in the nearby town. Some of my friends are starting to plan their vacation abroad and they’re looking for a nice vacation resort that will not cost them all that they’ve saved for. Of course they would want their hard-earned money to be spent wisely. I’ve visited some sites and found this all inclusive deals at Breezes Resorts and forwarded it immediately to my friend. She will be glad that aside from the good price deals they have Breezes also offers the most comfortable accommodation to the beautiful resorts in Jamaica, Brazil, Curacao and Bahamas.

As for me I’ve been dreaming to get an all inclusive holidays offered by Breezes Resort as I’ve been hearing a lot about them. Just imagining the white sandy beaches along the shore makes me yearn for a few days stay in one of their beautiful destinations, in Jamaica perhaps to see the beautiful rainforest and the lovely waterfalls there. Those will be good for enjoying water sport activities for the whole family. Most of all it’s very relaxing to laze around the beach with the cool breeze on your hair. It will be all worth it and if you will avail their vacation package deals you would be able to afford your vacation getaway there in the Caribbean. Now that’s a perfect vacation plan for me and for Spring & Summer they will be giving free nights. Great isn’t it? Visit their site and avail of their super deals.


Monday, April 19, 2010

:MYM/BM - Josh and His Tent


This is Josh posing outside our sleeping tent which serve as their resting place during the day after the kids school on camp meeting fellowship. This was taken not on our summer camp but on our December camp that while we have very low temperatures on evening until morning the sun shines so brightly during the day. If the kids wanted to do some writing the tent can also serve as mini school. How about you? Have you tried sleeping and staying on tents? Well if not try camping out even on our backyard patio and you'll experience the fun just like Josh and my two girls.

See my other entry here!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Planning to Study Again

DH is planning to study again after several years of working, actually he’s already reached the minimum years for an employee to have a pension in SSS. We both reached the 120 months minimum pension requirements so we’ll just have to wait until we’re 60 and old. But I’m still planning to continue it even as self-employed individual only. Since Monday we’re searching for schools that he’ll enroll to. We want a school near our place because he needs to be close to operating our planned business.

He has one or two courses in mind and we’re looking for schools with specialties on those particular courses. There are actually many schools specializing in engineering, technology, business and more like cosmetology school in Texas which is for those who want to be skilled in that field. I hope that we can arrange everything so he can enroll this coming school year. He’s really very enthusiastic about it and I pray he’ll be able to study again.


Friday, April 16, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #72


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It's skywatching Friday again and I have this summer sky shot again from the villa. Here the soft cottony clouds is lazily covering the soft blue skies making it a beautiful background for the whole villa plantation below. I love my capture of the leaves above making it a frame for the summer skies.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trendy and Stylish Maternity Clothes

Being pregnant is one of the things that you should be proud of because in your womb you are blessed with a little angel. I experienced the happy feeling of carrying my baby inside my womb and with three little angels that God has given me and my hubby I felt fulfilled and blessed. It’s a wonderful feeling that you can’t really express in words but its there in your heart. I remember how I take care of myself in every move and every second of my life just to protect the baby inside me.

There are many stages of pregnancies and alongside with it is choosing nice and comfortable maternity clothes all throughout your pregnancy period. For the working Moms like me then I must have some trendy and stylish maternity dresses to use for special occasions and gathering. I’ve seen some of my colleagues tries different kinds of maternity clothes that will look not just pretty but stylish as well. They don’t want to look dull when they dressed up for work; after all they hold top positions in our company. It’s nice to find my way to Apple Seed maternity and baby boutique because you’ll find their beautiful maternity clothes in different styles, color and sizes.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is…

1. We've just celebrated my Mom's first anniversary of God's miracle of returning her sight last April 13, 2009.
2. Gen achieved her goals of making it to the honor roll.
3. New school for Ruth - she's very excited about it.
4. Josh is entering the grade school and he's very enthusiastic
5. I'm very productive today and will get my salary this week
6. DH is planning to return to school and he's planning to take up Elementary Education

7. DH is planning up a new business so he can retire from his work
8. Got a nice healing massage from Mom, feel much better now
9. My kids are getting along fine and good these past few days, they're giggling right now!
10. Wednesday Bible study tonight

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Keep Our Air Clean and Purified

We need air to breathe and in our daily living we need clean air and environment for maintaining our health. I’ve heard so many stories of air pollution and some even took it in their heart to solve the problem but for me it should start at home. In the place we’re living in we can’t hide the fact that the air is not so clean because of cars, thrash and many other factors that simply pollutes the air we’re breathing in.

But you’ll be surprised that our indoor environment is more polluted than the air outside our house. We can’t really see those dust and bacteria but it’s there lurking around the place we’re living in. These microscopic soot-like particles will be trapped in our surface and before we knew it these will cause the growth of bacteria that will cause sickness in our house. I learned that this can results to allergies, asthma and other major diseases in the heart and lungs.

So before it happens in your household better equip yourself with air purifiers that will clean the indoor air in your house. It’s now a necessity to own at least one home air purifier for your family’s healthy being. If our family’s welfare is in danger we should make every step to safeguard them from dangers. Well if you’re going to ask me what kind of purifier I would choose I will most likely prefer the hepa air purifier over the ionic type because the latter was found to emit ozone and this is a harmful gas that would affect our lung tissues. HEPA air purifier has a better and efficient filter to manage allergens and harmful particles that can cause the growth of bacteria.

We should always keep in mind to choose the products that will ensure safety for our family. And for keeping our environment clean we should start it in our home by throwing our thrash in the right place and by avoiding burning them in our backyard. Our environment needs proper care now as it has been abused by many people. We should take care of the remaining resources we have. It’s God’s gift to mankind.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Workaholic Me

I’ve almost suffered from too much exposure to heat as I was down with mild chest pain and together with my current back pain I have no choice but to rest earlier. So I’m finishing all my due tasks so I can rest without worries. Being a workaholic like me isn’t easy because even if I’m resting I’m thinking of my work and when I resigned from corporate office I still have the same habit even if I’m working at home. Like now my head is aching and I feel a little dizzy and still I’m working up to my last thinking capacity. My Mom is urging me to rest now but I’m asking for more minutes. I still want to write more but my head is resisting now. I’d better get some sleep now as I’ve slept at dawn the other day. Be back tomorrow.


Bridesmaid Gifts

We’ve been chatting about wedding reception and gifts in the house and someone talked about gifts for the sponsors like the bridesmaid gifts. In our own wedding we gave different gifts to principal sponsors and to our three bridesmaids. We only gave giveaways or small keepsakes for all of them, something to remember our wedding as years pass through. Well it’s nice to hear that marrying couples can now order beautiful keepsakes and gifts online.


Monday, April 12, 2010

:MYM/RT - Our Fave Bucket Meal


Here's my family's fave kfc bucket meal which is always their choice when we stopped by to celebrate something or just stopped by to eat. This is after my little boy's graduation where his two Ate were not available to go with us and we decided to drop by their school after. Josh and gen love sponge bob and not only that but the meals also. We had some additions of chicken fillet sandwiches and kfc's new chewy cheese for my girls' snacks in school. See plenty of yellow and red colors here perfect for the memes!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get Some Help in Math Subjects

It’s always been our dream to have our children excel in their class and have good grades. Well this can’t be achieved by just wishing because excellence or being good in school requires the child’s patience, abilities, skills and parents’ proper supervision. The children need to have someone to teach them the proper education on their subjects. What if the parent or guardian doesn’t have proper knowledge to give their children Math help, would it be frustrating enough for us then? That should not be the case because there is Math Tutors Online available to help those children who can’t cope with their assignments.

Maybe there are tutors available to teach your children but sometimes they’re not capable enough or not screened enough to handle difficult math subjects. What if the child needs a complicated Math Problem Solver and the tutor can’t give it? That’s what Online Math Tutor is all about as they provides the supplemental education for k-12 and college students in their own fun way which is proven to be effective in students learning. They offer Free Online Tutoring for students for k-12 up to college to try first their tutor services before subscribing. It will not in anyway force them immediately to subscribe as they can try and think before deciding.

In this world and time of too much indulging on the net I think it’s a good idea to have tutoring like this as they can have it in the comfort of their homes and with their families. It can add up to a whole family bonding too. This Online Tutor site will let those difficult math subjects like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, equations and some other math seems like a natural problem solving subject and you’ll be glad with the results as per some testimonies of subscribers.

Aside from Math Tutor they also have English and Science tutors who will make studying and tutorial a nice and enjoyable thing for the children and teenagers. Now passing the school year with flying colors is not impossible as will be there to help you and your kids.


Friday, April 9, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #71


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A refreshing sight to see. This is my shot of the coconut plantation with beautiful sky and clouds as its majestical background. This is one of my shots at Villa Dominga Forest Resort and I can say it's nice skywatching there because there are no obstruction there - no cables, no wires and no passersby :-). It's Friday again and I'm greeting my friends at Latsof because I didn't participated last week. I was in summer camp meeting from Thursday to Friday last week with my family and church brethren.

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Intermittent Connection

For the past two weeks we’re having some difficulty in our internet connection thus I’m having a hard time scheduling my kids’ usage in my PC because of my online tasks. I can’t let them use my PC because I have to maximize my time whenever the internet is in good condition. This week I had uninterrupted connection when I’m connected directly to my broadband without the router. I checked my Linksys router for any technical damage but it’s still in perfect condition. Almost everyday our internet fails to give us perfect connection in the morning or at midnight if I’m connected to router and it’s giving me headache as my sister and kids can’t go online. They will have to wait for me to stop or rest before they can use the net.

My friend is also having intermittent connection in her home broadband and she has to go to her internet cafĂ© located in other area in order to use internet. What’s happening with some internet these days? I also noticed some unscheduled power interruption these past few days. Could it be a premonition of the coming not so peaceful activity next month? Hope not.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

TC - Small Animals - Ducks

for fun and learning

"SMALL ANIMALS" (Pets, Insects, Birds,...)

Lazily sitting on the grassWalking and looking for something :-)

Got these four ducks for my entry this week. I've noticed these 4 ducks outside the kitchen of our quarters in our summer camp fellowship. They always go in four, they sit together, they walk together and never missing one duck when they go. They seem to be friends as they never leave each other. The four ducks stayed together the whole day and it made me take a shot on them.

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Some Summer Plans

Summer brings about fun activities for the family and we have started spending time with the kids with the recent swimming in the cool water of Villa Dominga Resort. The summer breeze and the heat made my kids’ skin look darker now but I told them it’s ok just as long as they enjoyed swimming. I even joked them that it’s an evidence of their fun summer swimming. I’m still looking for some places to go this May for my Mom’s birthday when I came upon Corolla foreclosures of beautiful oceanfront homes. Well that would so nice for those that can afford it because if you own a place like that you’ll enjoy unlimited time in the beachfront.

Now back to my plan, we’re thinking of celebrating Mom’s birthday on a resort as my cousins in the province were requesting too. I’ll consult my brother and sister about this and if plans pushed through we’ll have a refreshing birthday outing for my Mom.


Your Heart Tip#2 - Avoid Over-Using Dairy Products

Well as I've said in my previous post that to avoid heart problems and heart attacks we should avoid food that can be harmful on our body. And one of these foods are the dairy products. Avoid over-using dairy products. Cream and most cheeses are high in cholesterol. Use skim or one percent milk. Much of the appeal of whole milk is simply that you are used to it. After using milk with less butterfat in it, you may find you prefer it. It is less cloying in your throat and, therefore, more refreshing.


Too Much Sun's Heat Can Make You Look Older

This summer is really bringing us too much heat that causes sickness and some skin problems. Over exposure to sun can give your skin irritation and dryness which will certainly lead to early skin aging. I know some farmers in our province looks older than their real age because their job exposes them daily in the sun. Well I know that some of them really don’t want to look older but they can’t avoid it. It made me think that they should use some moisturizers or age spot cream to make them look younger or at least protect their skin from harmful effects of having job in the field.

Maybe that’s the same reason that when I see some of my classmate in my first grader in the province they look so much older than me especially those who work in the rice field or plantation. Those that take care of their skin properly are less affected by the early aging of the skin. Employees working inside the offices are luckier because they’re not exposed to sun while working.


Your Heart Tip#1-Avoid Fried Foods

I've heard many cases of heart problems these days especially heart attacks and the sudden increase in the fluctuation of blood pressure which they call as high blood pressure. Some of it can be due to too much heat in this summer season, overfatigue, vices or sometimes in the food that we eat. I learned that for those prone to the mentioned sickness they should avoid fried foods. They are high in fat and calories.

When shopping for food look for products with a low percentage of saturated fat. It's very important to avoid it. It is better to substitute products that have unsaturated fats in them. Also totally avoid products that contain or are fried in palm oil or coconut oil. Although these oils don't actually have cholesterol in them, they prompt your body to produce cholesterol. Be sure to read the labels on everything so you'll know what to buy and what to avoid. Prevention is better than being hospitalized.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All You Need Is Faith

It is tested time and again that faith is the strongest thing that can make mountains move. It can make all things possible we only have to believe it can happen. It's the only weapon we had when the head of our second child Gen (who was barely two years old then) enlarged and was believed to develop hydrocephalus. We didn't look to anyone but God only and His merciful grace that He will not let our child be afflicted with that sickness. The whole church had a group prayers in each location we reside and after three days the swelling of the head was gone. No treatment, no medicine but just prayers, faith and trust to God. It's a miracle that I'll forever share to everyone because in those moments of anxiety and fear God proved His love on us. In life all you need is faith in God and He'll provide. Praises to Him.

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Getting Healthier!

I dropped by big brother house to inquire about his two sons’ graduation and some activities. Mom wanted to know about his eldest son Raphael’s entrance exam in Mapua and stories on their travel to provinces. My sis and I are living in one house so she always want to be updated with big brother’s family whereabouts because he’s a little far from where we live, well not really far – just 10 minutes walk actually! Being only three siblings we want to know everything about each other and we grew up like that.

Anyway I’m glad I dropped because I learned about something good for the body. Big bro and SIL is into colon cleansing and natural means of getting off unwanted pounds and I saw the fast results in my brother’s stomach. He looks very healthy too. What’s good about it are the natural and safe ingredients. Will tell it when I tried it myself.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Investment Plans

I'm thinking of converting our front yard into commercial spaces for rent to help us with additional income for the kids’ studies instead of our earlier plans to put up a meat products shop. Plans changes with the coming of months and it all depends on the current life situation and the business trends. I thought that the store I want to put up may take up my time so I decided to concentrate on my current source of income and just invest on something for extra source of finances aside from the commercial space we intend to build.

I also thought of buying small stocks but I don’t know anything about stocks. I came upon site that offers investment that offers the investors to buy gold bars and I think that it’s a good idea. Investing on precious metals like gold is a good assurance that you’ll have a very good return of investment in the years to come.


:MYM/RT - The Little Graduate (Again)


Here are few of my little boy's mellow yellow and ruby tuesday pics of his graduation which I also posted in my other blog last week. Just want to share the fun we had in seeing our little 'kulit' boy up in the stage once more and looking like a fine gentleman in his attire. He's the smallest among his friends but he has the strongest voice lol! See plenty of yellow and red colors here perfect for the memes!

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Unconscious Mutterings : Week#375

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Philanthropy :: charity, benevolence, humanity
  2. Said :: whispered, assumed, understood
  3. Blanks :: zero, none, devoid
  4. Tapas :: appetizer
  5. Orgasm :: maximum
  6. Movement :: group, organization, society, faction
  7. Detention :: imprisonment, arrested, locked up, confinement
  8. Restaurant :: dining, fast food, gourmet
  9. Weird :: eerie, peculiar, strange, odd, horror, bizarre
  10. Sniffle :: sob, cry, weep
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Help in Growing Up Fast

We were browsing my little boy’s graduation pictures and we’ve noticed that Josh has slightly increased some height. Well it’s not that obvious because he’s really small for his age but I’m happy now that I see some progress. Well some people grow up fast and we must admit that some needs human growth hormone supplements to help them increase height or grow up fast.

I know that height can also be attributed to genetic background so I know that my little boy will grow and increase some height. For now I’m happy that he’s grown up as a charming, bright and nice little boy.


An Ounce of Prevention

I had a chat with one of my former office friends and we talked about the good old days in the consultancy company we worked for. Those days were really happy ones although our job was a tough one always beating the deadlines. Well we just laughed about it now that we’re both out of it. Since we’re not getting any younger we shared some health regimen that we thought could help us both now. I told her I’ve been eating at least 2-3 kind of fruits a day to somehow cleanse my system and give me a healthy glow. I’ve been reading some colon cleanse reviews lately and I’m deeply concerned with these colon cleansing diet.

We already had a colon sickness history in my mother’s side so I’m seriously studying some facts about it. It’s a great help knowing things like these because I know that knowledge can give us prevention on acquiring sickness. As they say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday 9: Hurts So Good

1. Tell us about the last time you really got hurt.

Got numb, cried some tears, then moved on after that because there's no point on staying sad.

2. What’s your oldest possession?

I had some good old coins collection since elementary days and that's quite some years lol!

3. Do you have any phobias?

fear of heights and closed areas (claustrophobia)

4. What values did your parents instill in you?

The value of being a good christian to your neighbors and the privilege and values of having a good education. It will saw you through even on a hard future.

5. What are your plans for Easter?

We're at the church the whole day, I'll attend the general graduation practice of Ruth in the early morning before going to church

6. I like sun more than snow.

7. Tell us about 3 fads from your teenage years. Later!

Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Spandau Ballet

8. Tell us what is the most important attribute in a lover.

Understanding, Sweet and Respectable

9. What new piece of technology have you resisted buying and what would it take for you to change your mind?

Laptop, the price and priorities in life.I'll buy soon but not on these days!


Caring About Our Eyes

Before the holy week I was thinking of how hectic my schedule was for the last two weeks. Some blogging marathon at night gives me some tired eyes so if I can help it I wouldn’t work at night to prevent it. Anyway it’s not a problem really as there are remedy or lotion to remove dark circles under eyes so I’m not worried anymore. Besides I can also make use of my grandma’s old way of treating it and it’s putting some cucumber on my eyes to refresh them. I’ve tried it lots of times and it has done good thing for my tired eyes.


Top Droppers for March

Time flies so fast and it's another new month again. I just want to thank my visitors and droppers who patiently visits my blog and comment on my posts. I want to express my warmest thanks and appreciation. It's a little late though because I've been to a two-day summer camp fellowship in a villa in Indang, Cavite.

Dropper # of drops 30
Fledgling Blogger 30
Life's sweets and spices 29
moms..... check nyo 29
The Modern Mom 29
Yummy-as-can-be 29
Mommy's Little Corner 29
A Simple Life 29
Jean sQuared 26
Wirez and Circuitz 25


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