Thursday, April 8, 2010

Your Heart Tip#1-Avoid Fried Foods

I've heard many cases of heart problems these days especially heart attacks and the sudden increase in the fluctuation of blood pressure which they call as high blood pressure. Some of it can be due to too much heat in this summer season, overfatigue, vices or sometimes in the food that we eat. I learned that for those prone to the mentioned sickness they should avoid fried foods. They are high in fat and calories.

When shopping for food look for products with a low percentage of saturated fat. It's very important to avoid it. It is better to substitute products that have unsaturated fats in them. Also totally avoid products that contain or are fried in palm oil or coconut oil. Although these oils don't actually have cholesterol in them, they prompt your body to produce cholesterol. Be sure to read the labels on everything so you'll know what to buy and what to avoid. Prevention is better than being hospitalized.


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