Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too Much Sun's Heat Can Make You Look Older

This summer is really bringing us too much heat that causes sickness and some skin problems. Over exposure to sun can give your skin irritation and dryness which will certainly lead to early skin aging. I know some farmers in our province looks older than their real age because their job exposes them daily in the sun. Well I know that some of them really don’t want to look older but they can’t avoid it. It made me think that they should use some moisturizers or age spot cream to make them look younger or at least protect their skin from harmful effects of having job in the field.

Maybe that’s the same reason that when I see some of my classmate in my first grader in the province they look so much older than me especially those who work in the rice field or plantation. Those that take care of their skin properly are less affected by the early aging of the skin. Employees working inside the offices are luckier because they’re not exposed to sun while working.


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