Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday : 10 Favorite Sounds

1. Baby's light cry
2. Giggles of toddlers
3. The sound of baby's first attempt to call Mommy or Daddy
4. The first ever songs sung by my three kids, it was so memorable.
5. The sound of my 4-year old son's graduation speech
6. The sound of my Mom's lullabies to me when I was small and now to my kids (her grandchildren) when the were babies, the sweetest song I've ever heard.
7. The sound of my kids and hubby's whisper to me saying 'I love you'
8. The sound of light waves on a white washed seashore.
9. The sound of flute or saxophone playing instrumental music
10. The sound of gospel music to my ears.


Security for Your Files

Being employed for several years doing IT and telecommunication works made me aware of how I should maintain my PC in the best working condition. I always see to it that my office computer is devoid of any virus attacking my files and documents. Of course it’s a daily maintenance and sometimes it’s hard to maintain it when others use it. We were given a memorandum of all sorts which includes using only your own PC to avoid getting viruses in the process. Our software specialist maintains our internet security and he always come up with good software maintenance to avoid hackers from invading our network connections.

With regards to our precious office files in our PC we see to it that there are updates on antivirus to prevent loss of important files. After all it’s not that easy to recover damaged files so we take precautionary measures before it’s too late. For my usage I want a good antivirus, the one that will detect and cure possible viruses that may damage if not totally disintegrate our PC.

These days there are so many spyware and hackers who want to invade the confidentiality of emails and the privacy of instant messaging. With this in mind a good anti spyware like that of ZSecurity should be carefully maintained to prevent these people from getting your personal information and confidential documents. Hackers can do serious harm to precious documents if they’ve succeeded in sweeping all your documents so better be cautious and careful.


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