Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday : 10 Favorite Sounds

1. Baby's light cry
2. Giggles of toddlers
3. The sound of baby's first attempt to call Mommy or Daddy
4. The first ever songs sung by my three kids, it was so memorable.
5. The sound of my 4-year old son's graduation speech
6. The sound of my Mom's lullabies to me when I was small and now to my kids (her grandchildren) when the were babies, the sweetest song I've ever heard.
7. The sound of my kids and hubby's whisper to me saying 'I love you'
8. The sound of light waves on a white washed seashore.
9. The sound of flute or saxophone playing instrumental music
10. The sound of gospel music to my ears.


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