Wednesday, July 7, 2010

:WW - The Hanging Bridge

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Just want to share some of our pics in Tagaytay Picnic Grove where we had some shots in the hanging bridge. The bridge seems a little unstable to me and it should post a sign on how many people should cross the bridge at one time. I could never let my kids cross that bridge alone for fear that their feet will be trapped between the wooden slots. Well in fairness it was an enjoyable cross there at it's exciting to feel the moving of the bridge every time someone moves. It's also nice to look beyond the breathtaking view of Taal Volcano across the bridge.

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Wedding Memories

Month of June has passed and the peak of wedding ceremonies has passed. As they say that the month of June is the most-sought after month for tying the knot. Many women dream to be a June bride and the month of June is always busy for wedding activities. That’s for others because we chose the month of May for our own wedding for our own personal reasons and I believe that the month when flowers bloom is the best time for saying ‘I do’ and it also symbolizes the month that our love begun to flourish. It’s always nice to remember how our love friendship flourish and developed into love just as the flowers bloom also in that month. Love has many stories and we have our own to reminisce, how I could ever forget how we bowed our love while slipping the wedding rings into our fingers. The memory of our wedding still gives us reasons to smile and be thankful to God for the blessing of finding each other.

Well we each have our own stories to tell and all started with meeting each other, dating and later if the love is strong and the couples want to spend their lives together they will be engaged. They will start looking for a ring that will be the symbol of their engagement or their willingness to commit their love like the diamond engagement rings which symbolizes forever. Not everyone can afford diamond rings and others opt to buy the other kinds like gold and silver.

We’re on our 14th years of being married and keeping the faith that we’re still the same until we reached our silver anniversary. For that matter we’ll again look for our second wedding rings and maybe we’ll choose a different kind from our original wedding rings. Just now I’m looking at men’s wedding rings at Danforth Diamond and can’t help admiring the beauty and elegance of their diamond rings which are all in platinum, palladium and gold. Well they’re all beautiful and stunning!


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