Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Network that Never Fails

Until now we still don’t have electricity here in our place and I just crossed another town and used my friend’s PC to finish some due online tasks. I sadly missed a handful of my online assignments because of the recent storm that flooded Metro Manila and Eastern Rizal. I just hope that those companies will understand my situation.

During the first day of storm that shocked us all because of the sudden rise of water the foods that we successfully brought in the upper floor were just few rice cakes, water and hot drinks. These foods were our only supplies from lunch to dinner, everything we have in the house were left downstairs including our cooker. Anyway appetite was far from my mind then and I don’t have to think of weight loss pills that work because I was eating scarcely. How can I have appetite when I see the water rising very fast and people were all running for safe grounds?

My hubby and sister were stranded and communication was lost. There was no network and signals except the network to God. Prayer is always welcome and signals never ceases. The only thing that gives me strength is the thought that God will never leave us come what may. I hold on to that thought the whole night. I didn’t sleep that night; I just prayed and talked to God.


Friday, September 25, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #43-Airforce


These pictures were taken this day while we're touring the RP77 planes on Philippine Airforce Museum, the weather is fast changing from very clear sky an hour ago (shot1) to a bit cloudy! (shot2). As we're having educational tour we're praying that even if a storm is brewing up we're just asking for this day to have a good weather for the kids. Luckily after this shot the sky cleared up and gave us a good day to spend in the rest of the field trip.

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Approach in Losing Weight

Two months after leaving the corporate world and choosing to enter the work-at-home community I was now few pounds heavier. It didn’t help that it’s ok for my hubby for me to gain weight because it gave me a thought that it’s not that bad after all. But when I suddenly felt sick and worried that excess pounds will give me abnormalities in my system I started assessing myself. Actually I’ve seen it coming as I developed the habit of eating late at night after I’ve finished my offline and online tasks and hubby was there to dine with me. His job requires him to be at the closing hour so it’s always late dinner for him. We love eating together but the time seems to be not perfect for me as it’s easy to gain pounds when all you have to do after dinner is watch TV and sleep.

I know I’m not that obese enough to take diet pills because I’m not so sure if my body will react positively. But I’d like to try different diet strategy like diet plan menu or what the Austin Wellness Clinic is offering on their site like weight loss austin. They have many options on how you can lose some weight without taking diet pills. That’s new to me and seems very interesting too!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

:WW - Toy Cars

Just like most boys of his age Josh loves toy cars be it miniature, plastic, metal or as big as the toys in the picture which are easily available in the malls or game arcades. You can see him sitting here in the batman car, old fashioned white car, white motorcycle and the blue motorcycle car which we rented for him in SM North Edsa mall, you can rent this one for P35 for 5 minutes. He had so much fun as he gained some friends too. He rode for three rounds, one round more than his friends.

Happy wordless. Visit more entries -> here.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Houston Retirement Living

We all love our old folks and we want the best for them when they grow old. Actually I never imagined myself away from my Mom as I felt so bad several years ago when we were separated to my Mom’s mother when we transferred and settled to my father’s hometown. I told myself that I will never go far from my Mom especially with her conditions now. She’s not sick, she only has arthritis but I want her to enjoy my kids while she still has the strength to play with them especially with my son Josh who was so fond of her. Old folks always want to be loved and if you give them extra care and attention they feel contented with their lives.

Now on a different situation on some other families who can’t take care of their folks by themselves there’s a place where you can entrust them to be safe and protected. When you visit online you’ll find retirement communities Houston where the old folks, seniors and retirees joined themselves sharing their own life stories in one place. Here they won’t feel lonely that their family has left or entrusted them to others. They will enjoy the life of houston senior living where they can get the best care and professional service they deserve in their golden age.

If you’re in Texas you’ll find many wonderful places that you’ll wish you’ll settle for life such as friendly neighbors and of course interesting places like houston retirement living where services are offered on a 24-hour, live-in basis or per hour. It actually caters to what we need specifically doing plenty of services such as personal care, home monitoring, household chores, companionship, medication, respite care, meal preparation and many others.


Two Important Books

Heads Or Tails

It's Tuesday once again it's time for our Heads Or Tails again....

The theme/prompt for THIS week, September 22, is: HEADS - "Book" Use any form of the word "Book" in any kind of post.

These books are our family's favorite books which has its own particular use and benefits. We're a family of good readers from Granny (My Mom) to Little Kids. Just give or lend us an interesting book and we're all up to it. We passed it on until everyone finished reading it, of course if we share the same interest on the kind of book.

These two very important books are medical guide book and the Holy Bible. For physical sickness or when my kids gets ordinary sickness my Mom would read her medical book for some guidelines or first aid treatment that can be administered at home before rushing to doctor. Now for spiritual enlightenment and thirst for God's word we turn to Holy Bible for the complete guidelines in living this life. It's a complete guide on living as it shows the life of Jesus and chosen people which we can relate our lives in this present time. While the medical book can heal our body physically the Holy Bible can heal our spirits and lead us into a life centered to God.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Get Noticed!

Having many sites to maintain and update is a lot tasking and requires a lot of time if you really want to stay on a good traffic level. My own idea of having many visitors is to write an interesting post and visit multiple sites also. I’ve been visiting hundreds of sites daily and I enjoy it because I got to read tips, interesting topics, ideas and view great photos.

While enjoying the visits I also run out of time for other online tasks I do so I feel I should balance my time with blog hopping and posting entries on my sites. After all my write ups is very important too as it will somehow give me a way to be searched by others. That’s what I’m doing when I’m blogging but now I learned that you can submit your site to a website directory and get noticed by major search engines. Wow this should help my sites a lot! Now there’s a way for me to get my sites easily searched and find by others.


Five of My Favorite Drinks

Here are five of my favorite drinks:

1. Water
2. Coffee with milk and sweetener, I also love Cappuchino and Hazelnut flavors
3. Fruit Shakes - Mango, Banana, Papaya, Melon (all natural)
4. Four Seasons
5. Young Coconut Juice (Buco fruit)

I think #3 and #5 are the best because of the health benefits you can derive from them, although of course water is the most healing drink as water therapy heals many sickness. Coffee is not that healthy but I combined it with milk so that lessens my guilt feelings lol! On the other hand a canned four seasons juice drink from Del Monte or Dole is my favorite drink to carry wherever I go.

It's my first time to join here.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


I intended to work until midnight yesterday but my body resisted as when I’m about to resume working after feeding my kids my body chilled and it’s a sign for me to stop working and rest. I don’t usually get sick as my body resistance is very strong according to my doctor but when I overtired myself my body will chill. I just don’t know why I’m like that but whenever that happens I forced myself to rest no matter what and that’s what I did last night even though I’ve tons of writing tasks to do.

Well maybe this is also a sign that I take some vacation now as I’m really having a pressured work schedule. These past few weeks I noticed that I’m hopping from one task to another fitting my schedule in my kids’ school activities, blogging, household chores and plenty of errands. I’m beginning to believe that working-at-home is much more tasking than working in an office but I will not exchange my present situation for the world as I love being a WAHM. Sometimes I just imagine myself booked at some nice place like Destin FL hotels and enjoying a vacation by the beach. Actually it’s not a beach vacation that my hubby is planning right now but a few days rest in the coolest place in our country.


Friday, September 18, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #42


These are the cloud formation when we passed by Libis roads in Quezon City on our way to church sunday service. My daughter told me that the clouds on the left side looks like a giant walking and looking down at the buildings and houses and almost touching the electrical wirings. What an imagination lol! It could have been a cartoon story :-) Well that's skywatching and a lot of imagination!

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Blessing From God

We were talking about our car yesterday as it really needs some enhancement and since I already have all the important documents of the car I can get on with whatever we have in mind. Hubby and I are planning for some body paint and overall checkup before we use it on December. Our destination will be far and all vehicles should be in perfect running condition to save us from trouble. Aside from body paint we’re looking at some car accessories to at least have some style in the interior look. Having a car is really quite expensive but our car is very useful to us in getting to church every Sunday and in every out-of-town fellowship we have from time to time. I believe also that this second car we have is a blessing from God to be used for ministerial works as well as family needs.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

:WW - Sayaw Wika

This is the opening part of the Tagisan ng Filipino (Filipino Language Competition) which I posted in last week's wordless wednesday Happiness of Winning. The participants opening salvo was just a repeat performance of their winning piece last July 2009. This is the new trend in Filipino competition the so-called 'Sayaw Wika' where they danced what they have to say just like a monologue with dance, schools have come up with new competition for primary students to further enhance their skills and knowledge in all aspects of learning. Students were trained in writing and speech.

Just fancied their costume and dance here, the reason why I took the shots!

Happy wordless. Visit more entries -> here.


Just the Perfect Address Plaques for Your Home

I’ve always loved looking at beautiful front garden with well crafted address plaque. Makes me wonder how much more beautiful the interior of the house is. Well if the front attracts me so much I assume that the house interior is well designed also. My brother always tells me that it reflects the character of the owner so it can be a classic, stylish or personalized one.

The choice of home address plaques always vary with different tastes of people. If you’re the type who would go for selecting your own style and design you can be satisfied with what has in store for all of their clients. They offer the widest range of address plaques in wall, lawn and hanging types. You can also find some address numbers, mail boxes and sign boards here, all showcasing the innovative way of bringing to the public style and craftsmanship in their high quality products.

With the help of these beautifully designed address plaques it’s now easy to make the front area of your house attractive and distinctive. With distinguishing designs from the maker of these address plaques you’ll have a hard time choosing what you like. You can select from whitehall address plaques, williamsburg classic, providence classic and a lot more. I really enjoyed my visit to their site and now I can decide which one I want for our own front yard. I know now that is the perfect place for buying address plaques and numbers.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings - Week#346

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Omelette :: Eggs with many yummy ingredients
  2. Classic :: Traditional
  3. Thrifty :: Frugal, Economical
  4. Search :: Google, Yahoo, Internet
  5. Fan :: Follower
  6. Fussy :: Choosy, Picky, Selective
  7. I am not :: Deny
  8. Indulge :: Treat, Pamper
  9. Poor :: Deprived, Unfortunate
  10. Manicure :: Fingernails
I really enjoy this meme, very cool! You can join us at Unconscious Mutterings


Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding Direct TV Satellite in Your Area

There are lots of television services that I encountered with searching for the best that can give us full entertainment with shows that we truly love. Actually it’s not only me as the constant watchers are my kids and hubby. They love relaxing in the living room with their favorite movies and sport shows to watch. Only sometimes they get bored with seeing the same movies aired the previous week. That’s why finding Direct TV is a lot more enjoyable as you can have the widest variety of local channels plus the usual favorite shows featuring sports programming, movies, business and news. What’s more exciting is that it’s available in many areas now that even if you moved out of your location you can still find Direct TV nearest your location.

For me it’s one good thing that drives people to get subscription from Direct TV over some providers as it’s not only high quality image and sound that they offer but quite some promo packages also. I heard my Auntie saying that finding Direct Sat TV in our area is something that everyone is looking for. People tend to miss their old community because of the amenities that they enjoy so when they moved out they felt that they lose something. Satellite TV is also one of the things that you wish is available on your new place to reside.

With the current hard economic situation all over the globe people tend to be wiser in spending their money. They’re always thinking on how they can manage their finances wisely so with Direct TV Packages your savings can be expected as it would cost you lesser than what you’ve subscribed previously. Fun and entertainment can be at your hand with multiple channels to delight your whole family. If you want the same entertainment just visit their site and look for the local dealer in your area. Installation is quick and easy so you’ll be enjoying their service as soon as you want.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Small Talk Six

Today’s topic is “6 things you think would be yummy if they were covered in chocolate.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

Chocolate is one big topic that I'll always love, I'm a chocoholic and if there are things that makes me relax in a world of turmoils one of them is chocolate, any brand, any flavor, any color as along as it's choco i love it!

Now for this one I think I have a list of more than 6 but since it's a small talk six here are my six things that I think would be yummy if they were covered in chocolate:

1) Ice Cream

2) Cakes

3) Peanuts

4) Marshmallows

5) Biscuits

6) Raisins

Go here if you want to join us and to view the weekly list Small Talk Six topics for 2009.


Vehicle Reimbursement Benefits

Before I resigned from my job and became a work-at-home Mom I had various jobs that taught me the fields of work that I didn’t learn in school. First and foremost I’m a graduate of computer engineering but during my last tenure of work I was assigned to supervise the accounting department, billing and collection department and human resource department. It is then that I realized that it’s good to be flexible in your work and it will help you a lot if you know some other jobs and not only what you have learned in college education. The world of studying is different in the world of employment. You must be smart, skilled and has a lot of patience in your work in order to stay in your job.

In supervising accounting staff I was taught to balance employees and management. I was assigned to handle computation of incentives and to check the reimbursement of gasoline expenses of our employees who were given Car Allowance as one of their benefits. They’re the ones who handle clients’ accounts and they go out everyday to meet with clients and providers. They use their own car for easy travel better than hiring a cab. The company can’t provide several cars for each of them so they were just given allowances for their gasoline expenses.

It’s easy for me to compute and handle them because they’re only few but for those who have many mobile employees they should consult with companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) which can help in customizing reimbursement programs for mobile employees. Many companies find it hard to create database so it’s best to get CRS system to compute for their reimbursement which will be based on actual mileage of the car, gas price, tax and some factors. Things are getting easier these days!


What Kind of Chess Piece Am I?

You Are a Bishop

You are limited in what kind of moves you make, but that only encourages you to be wilier.
If you sit back and think carefully, you can be just as deadly as any of the other players on the board. It's all about using your head.

While it does get annoying to be underestimated all the type, you can use that to your advantage.
You can attack and retreat quickly, without anyone hardly noticing. As far as skills go, that's an excellent one to have!

If you want to test what kind of chess piece are you try this one out!


Finding the Best Web Hosting Sites

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and have learned so many things online. It’s not me who discovered this addictive hobby but my bestfriend. She introduced me to blogging because she knows that I love to write since or school days and having a site will surely make a way for my love for writing. Needless to say she’s right as here I am continually writing posts to share my life, some inspirational thoughts and everything worth sharing for. It’s an outlet for me to have a site of my own to write about my kids, family, my career, my faith and everything that matters in my life. It has also become a way for me to earn online, it’s actually more like a bonus that you can earn while enjoying your blog.

Blogging has also earned me online friends which makes blogging a happy breathing space from my work and household matters. And because I came to love my site that much I searched and looked for the best webhosting provider for my multiple sites. It started with just one domain then came another and so on. I’m satisfied with my two web hosts and through visiting I learned that my web hosts are included in their best 10 web hosting sites.

Well if you’re also looking for the right web host for your site you can visit FindMyHosting for guidelines on the basics of website hosting and some valuable topics. They have listed the web hosting sites according to their rank, affordability, features, reliability, customer and technical support, uptime guarantee and package plans. I really had a great time browsing their site as I also want to be updated which is the top web host now.


Friday, September 11, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #41


What a site to see as it looks the clouds are forming a big circle here on top of the buildings, actually I'm a bit scared on the multitude. Looking at the sky is such a lovely thing to do but sometimes the sudden formation of clouds invites some imagination on your mind. When I was a child my friends and I would always look on imaginary objects on the cloud. It's exciting on one end but often we see imaginary scary creatures. Anyway it's not always scary as on other occasion we see funny objects. How about you have you tried defining objects on cloud formation?

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Choosing the Right Web Host for Your Blog

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I know how hard it is when your web hosting is down. I’m lucky to find a host that never gives me headache because I never experience the trouble of unreliable hosting. I’m glad that before I choose my web host I consulted my friend and read some reviews. There are many things to consider in choosing your host and it should meet your specific requirements on things pertaining to server time, reliability, technical support and package price plan.

Maintaining your own web site is not easy so you should be careful in selecting the host that will support your site 24 hours a day with minimal or no server downtime. If you want to search and find the best web hosting site for your blog you can try visiting It is a free research guide to help all interested users see for themselves the right and appropriate web host for their sites. They listed the top ten web host with their package price plan, reliability, capabilities, uptime and technical support that will help them with inquiries and trouble shooting.

Even novice can have a detailed idea on what they need for their site and can easily select from the detailed information written alongside each top web host. It’s really a big help and even if I already have my own domain and web host I still browse online for updates.


Friday 5 : Bottles

Just wanna be carefree this time as I'm having this friday 5 for this week, it's my first time here also. Here's what I have for an answer:

  1. When did you last drink something out of a glass bottle? Just recently when I visited my bestfriend.
  2. Whose energy would you like to bottle for those future listless days? My son Josh as he's so active and energetic since he was born :-) He keeps on playing his transformers while making some funny sound of helicopter. He also have a habit of asking 101 questions a day that will make your nose bleed lol! When he wants to relax he'll sing God is good all the time.....
  3. How many plastic bottles are there in your shower, and what’s in them? Two only for shampoo and conditioner
  4. Who in your life could be described as lightning in a bottle? There's no better answer than my hubby of course!
  5. You’re playing Spin-the-Bottle with your sixth-grade classmates. When it’s your turn, to whom do you want the bottle pointing? None I think! I'm not that interested lol!


Changing Weather Makes Us Sick

It’s raining hard these past few days and though I love rainy days I sometimes get worried that my kids would get sick on sudden weather changes. For the last two weeks I took Josh with me on attending my bible study but this week I opted not to bring him because he might catch colds. Sudden change in weather causes some sickness in the respiratory part of our bodies thus bringing us cough, colds and other respiratory related sickness. I don’t want my kids to be sick as it can make their bodies weak and I don’t want to go to hospital. I just go to hospitals frequently when I’m pregnant but when I’m not I dreaded the sight of dextrose hanging on the patients bed, the bag of blood being transferred to weak patients or being studied on the exam table. That’s the last thing in my mind these days as I’m also very busy in my online job. I just hope and pray that God will always protect my kids wherever they go, be it in school or in our house.


Catching Up

I have to catch up with my online tasks today as I’ve already lagged behind my schedule on the two days checkup of my connection. I was tired and sleepy from Wednesday bible study because we went home past 11pm giving me just a few hours of sleeping time before I cook and prepare for my kids’ packed lunch. Josh is having monthly exams these Thursday and Friday so I’m giving him some of my time for his review exercises.

Josh didn’t want to review for his exams in the past two years but he excels in his class. I think he has other style of learning so I just told him I’m only giving him review exercises which are just fine to him. Mom should really be wise in attending to their children’s need or their kids will turn out spoiled and hard to deal with. Anyway it’s the last day of exam so we can rest now with his subjects and I can go back to my work online.


Choosing A Reliable Host

When I looked back how I really got into this blogging world I remember my friend who called me one day and coaxed me into opening my own site. It was a new and exciting world for me as I’m getting bored with my work then. I’m not saying that my work is not a good one as I’m working in a small telco company then and I’m responsible for administration, HR, accounting, credit & collection and carrier settlement disputes. Wow I really had a quite multitasking job but it didn’t make my day exciting as it’s not what I want to do in my life then. With my stable job I can’t fully monitor my kids, I can’t go where I want and I didn’t want to stay long in my work. I’ve served the company for more than 15 years and I can’t stay longer because I felt my life can be more fruitful.

With blogging I can have a world of my own, my site is an expression of my life and I got to share inspirational thoughts on it. It’s a nice feeling when you can share God’s wonderful blessings worldwide. Well blogging hooked my life day and night and it also gave me a chance to earn money online which for me is quite a bonus as I’ve enjoyed blogging and I learned a lot from it.

After months of exploring things on my free hosted blog I decided to have my own domain and be hosted by one of the best web hosting sites. I realized that having your own hosted site is a lot of help also as it brings you more capabilities. Even now that I have my host I still read reviews online like just host review and I’ve found out that it reached the #2 slot in the web hosting list. It’s a new web hosting company based in London and offers low cost price plans. Being cheap and low cost doesn’t mean lesser quality as they provide good customer service, excellent technical support, and guaranteed reliability on their hosting services.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

:WW - Happiness of Winning

The StageThe Performers and their Sabayang Pagbigkas PresentationThe Announcement which made them jump with so much JoyGroup excitedly poses for me The happiness of winning the title are shown in their faces
Click the images to enlarge

This is the recently held Tagisan ng Talino (Filipino) competition where all 11 schools from District 1 of Cainta vied for the championship title in Sabayang Pagbigkas, a group poem/declamation presentation of 20 grade 5 students who presents their craft with vigor, strength of voice and group harmonious action. I accompanied my daughter Gen who is one of the participants here from SJES. Actually they're the incumbent winner as the school won the same title (in English) last year with my daughter Ruth, a grade 5 student then as one of the participants.

All I can say is - they're all very happy with the result that their sacrifices of not drinking cold water and not eating ice cream paid off :-)

Happy wordless though I'm always wordful. Visit more entries -> here.


Keyless Lock for Your Homes

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys whenever you reach home? Sometimes when there’s no one inside your house to open the door for you and you have to get your key to get in you feel very tired to get the key, unlock the door and finally get inside the comfort of your home. I always feel that there’s must be an easy way to get in than the normal way of using the key. In my former office we don’t use key in entering the main glass door as we have electronic lock, it’s a keyless lock which was opened only by the receptionist who hold the button which she touch every time someone is arriving or departing. If there’s no one that will be left inside the office that’s the only way that we’ll be using our electronic door key.

Now it’s not only in commercial places and business offices as we can have it in our own home. There will be no more fumbling for keys. The problem of duplicating keys for each member of the family will also be eliminated. With the new innovation of using keyless lock there are various advantages that goes with it. I think it’s more secure using this new keyless lock as you’ll be assured that no stranger will enter your house unless given temporary permission or access.

This Axxis Biometrics keyless door can program people to have temporary access at desired specific period so we can have guests also if we want. All we need for this keyless lock is our very own fingerprints; I supposed it’s easier to lose a key than a finger! Well I figured out that convenience and security should not be confined to offices only as we also need it in our houses. Our home is the place where we rest our tired body and have some relaxing moments with our kids so it must be well protected and secured for our family’s sake.


Spotting A Liar

I've had several experiences in my job that I have to weigh things up if the person I'm dealing with is telling a lie. I have a tendency of trusting a person so easily that's why I have hesitations on my ability to spot a liar in front of me. I'm still thinking that several years of administration works must ave at least given me enough instincts of gauging the person's honesty. Let's see with this quiz if I've learned how to spot a liar!

You Can Definitely Spot a Liar

Maybe you have good instincts. Or maybe you just have a lot of experience with liars.

Either way, it's pretty hard for someone to pull a fast one on you. You're like a human lie detector.

See I've passed this quiz, how about you? Try this one out and see for yourself!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wine Openers

I’ve known some people who love wine that it has become a part of their dinner, the most I heard from them is the red wine variety. They told me that it brings some warmth into their body when they drink pure grape wine and not some other beverages that are full of alcohol content. Actually wine has many kinds and contents. It can be used for many purposes other than just drink or beverage. In our church we drink red wine with the least alcohol content say 5% when we do communion. That’s why we buy at specialty stores because some don’t have the kind of wine we look for. I’ve been browsing some brands for low alcohol wine when I came upon rogar estate wine opener which caters for the needs of wine lovers. They sell and offer wine openers and replacement parts.

It’s my first time to see nice samples of estate wine opener which I find very interesting with regards to their exquisite style. Their products look very elegant with their material which you can choose among granite, wood or aluminum. Some people still prefers to use wood for some reasons. They also provide replacement parts for wine openers if you should need one for your existing wine opener.

For the collectors and lovers of stylish wine opener they have different kinds of collection like estate collection in bronze, champion wine opener collection in antique pewter and nickel and professional collection in brass and chrome. Just visit for a complete view of their products.


Major Decision I Made in My Life

Heads Or Tails

It's Tuesday once again and this time I'm joining Heads Or Tails again, it's actually my second time only...

The theme/prompt for this week is "TAILS - Decision" and we should tell about a time when we had to make a "Decision"

Well my story is about my latest major decision which took me one long year to ponder. I was employed with the same employer for his two companies for 15 years when I wrote a letter of resignation to my boss stating my desire to focus on my family rather than my career. I was a major decision that divides opinion between my friends and colleagues, of course my family supported it. I decided at the time that employment was very hard and not a single employee I know wanted to risk their jobs for anything else. I was told by one relative that everyone was looking for a job and there I was - leaving my very stable job.

I've been blogging for a year then and I'm getting quite a handful of online jobs which intensified my wish to work at home while attending to my family's need. I filed my resignation 5th of May 2008 but my boss told me that if I want to have a separation pay I must extend my stay. I couldn't do anything but to stay for more months as I want to have some money to start my business. During my extended stay I seek God's confirmation that my decision was right. He showed me the four factors to consider in making decision such as signs, open door, providence and circumstance.

I asked for signs and I got it, I looked for open door and providence and He gave me a source of income outside my employment and last but not the least, actually the best of all is the circumstance which answered all my questions. My mother's miraculous restoration of vision has made me realize that my Mom is one of the most important person in my life and we should be the one who should be taking care of her.

Finally after more than one year of resignation from BT&T my boss let me retire early with some compensation to bring and a warm heart for everyone. I thanked God that He's helped me with this major decision that I made in my life.


Monday, September 7, 2009

My Essentials Outside Home

Now that I’m working at home every time I went to somewhere else besides the church I always bring a smaller bag than what I used to bring when I’m going to office. I have this camera bag I bought last year together with digicam and that bag has became my favorite now as I can carry my most precious essentials without looking so bulky. I can fit all small things I always carry aside from my digicam and that includes my mobile phone, digicam, purse, pens, small notepad, extra memory card, extra batteries and two Promotional usb drive which were given to me by our telco partner last Christmas. I just love these basic essentials always on my bag so with everything I have wherever I go I can take a shot and blog anywhere I want.


Unconscious Mutterings - Week#345

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Abusive :: drug users/addict
  2. Psychotic :: mind sickness
  3. Parents :: protector/adviser, who loves us without anything in return
  4. Yell :: shout, cheers
  5. Amulet :: talisman, necklace
  6. Sandstorm :: desert storm, dangerous
  7. Amusement :: something that entertains, it could be a park or game station
  8. Imitation :: fake, cheaper than original
  9. Baby :: infant
  10. Rainbows :: 7 beautiful colors
You can join us at Unconscious Mutterings


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Drop Shipping Products

If you have noticed nowadays almost all business conducts their marketing on the web relying on the online readers as their major clients. Everything is done on the web such as advertising of the products, marketing and promos and even buying and selling. Now for those who sell their products online they need to stock plenty of products so if anyone orders they can provide them. But there’s a big risk in it as you can’t stock on different items at big volumes just in case the products will not sell. On the other hand if you only stock smaller volumes you can’t get it at wholesale price leading you to price your product at a higher rate. There are always some risks involved in running your business.

If you’re in online selling business you have to think about warehouse control and will employ staff to do it. Oh well there’s a solution to that as there are companies whose doing dropshipping which greatly works for business online. They simply take orders from business on the web and ship the ordered products to the customer thus saving the time and money of the businessman.

Hiring a company that drop ship products is a lot of help to entrepreneurs because they don’t have to order volumes of products just to avail of wholesale price and a great discount on staff as there will no more be a warehouse to do inventory. Good thing about drop shipping is you collect the payment from your customer before you purchase the product from the company. The drop ship company will take orders from web business and ships the products directly to the customer which saves a lot of time and money and gives more ample time for the entrepreneurs to focus on his business than on searching for low priced products.

This is one great find for me on the net as I only saw it now, dropship products is a solution to most of the retailers and entrepreneurs’ problems. Now business can be as flexible as with this new kind of selling any entrepreneur will have the chance to sell any volume of products to their customers and can vary their products anytime with all the stock s available in their drop ship company. Try visiting Drop Ship Access and you’ll learn information on how it is being done.


Friday, September 4, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #40


This is a picture and location similar to my entry last week but shot on different day and time before the sunset. I just love taking pictures at this angle and I thought of doing some shots on different time to see the effect. I really feel like I could never get enough of the sky photos there, I always get a nice shots from there. Here you're looking at residential buildings, condominiums, townhouses and high-storey business establishment near EDSA.

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Fun and Excitement in NYC Sightseeing

Got a call from my former officemate friend and because we’ve last seen each other for about three years now we’ve plenty of stories to share. I’m excited with what’s happening to her career as she’s really good in managing her own architectural/construction firm. She’s not so keen on local projects because she’s making it really big on her Asian projects specifically in Dubai, Qatar and nearby countries. She travels every now and then to supervise her construction projects which are mostly vertical or building projects. She concentrates on building and residential because being an architect gave her more freedom in running and supervising building projects.

As her work demands her time and attention always sometimes she felt tired and drained and just want to spend a week or so in her sister’s house in New York. Well that’s her idea of vacation! She wanted to spend her days roaming around the city where her sister lives and enjoy New York Sightseeing with the group of travelers like her. She’s very fond of taking pictures like me and she enjoys doing it on her museum visits. An architect by profession and photographer by hobby she loves to see magnificent towers, buildings and major attractions of the city. It’s not her first time to do it but she never tires on doing it again. She keeps on chatting to me about the harbor cruises which she never experienced before and told me that her sightseeing experience will be fun and exciting as always!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

:WW - Linggo ng Wika

This is St. Audry's celebration of the Philippine Linggo ng Wika which is done yearly. Here various dances and song renditions were done to represent our very own Filipino dances, cultures, costumes and other symbolism. It's nice to see these little ones so serious in their part of the program. Btw Josh is there on the first pic wearing green polo, maong pants, shades and playing guitar just like Freddie Aguilar in their rendition of Ako'y Isang Pinoy.

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Kids Coupons and More!

The best marketing strategy in every store and establishment is to give freebies, discounts and super sale. People are attracted when they see that the stores slashed down their prices and offers items at discounted prices. Who wouldn’t be if you can save a lot of money on sale items. Imagine getting your favorite items at 50% off that’s a real wow! As a mother of three kids I always look for discounts on kid’s corner just in case they have some sale promos for the things I love for my little ones.

Now that I’m hooked always on my online tasks it’s easier for me to look for kids items where I can save some money with online Happy Kids coupons. It’s actually more comfortable shopping online as I don’t have to schedule my time shopping on foot. Best thing is you can compare prices without having to walk from one store to another. It’s really convenient doing shopping online.

So if you’re like me who have a very hectic schedule but loves to shop with discounts you can use your coupons on your family’s needs. You’ll be excited to know that there are many items available for your babies and children. I know how exciting it is to get your favorite items at discounted prices that are why I’m so happy to share this thing with Mommies like me. Just save some More 4 Kids coupons so you’ll be able to get the best discounts and promos from your shopping cart. I didn’t know that online shopping can be so much fun. I’d like to share some of my finds here, personalized christian music and personalized ceramics for Moms.


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