Saturday, September 19, 2009


I intended to work until midnight yesterday but my body resisted as when I’m about to resume working after feeding my kids my body chilled and it’s a sign for me to stop working and rest. I don’t usually get sick as my body resistance is very strong according to my doctor but when I overtired myself my body will chill. I just don’t know why I’m like that but whenever that happens I forced myself to rest no matter what and that’s what I did last night even though I’ve tons of writing tasks to do.

Well maybe this is also a sign that I take some vacation now as I’m really having a pressured work schedule. These past few weeks I noticed that I’m hopping from one task to another fitting my schedule in my kids’ school activities, blogging, household chores and plenty of errands. I’m beginning to believe that working-at-home is much more tasking than working in an office but I will not exchange my present situation for the world as I love being a WAHM. Sometimes I just imagine myself booked at some nice place like Destin FL hotels and enjoying a vacation by the beach. Actually it’s not a beach vacation that my hubby is planning right now but a few days rest in the coolest place in our country.


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