Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cancellation of Travel

We planned to go to our provincial hometown late this afternoon but when we’re travelling we stopped by my brother’s house to decide if we’re going to continue our travel or not. The rains were too heavy to ignore and we’re going to travel through the mountains and zigzag road. My brother slept at dawn this morning to prepare for his church message so he only had 3 hours sleep and we feel that he’ll never make it through driving through heavy rains with zero visibility in the mountains.

While deciding if we’re going to continue or not we had some nice conversation about many things as it’s not every day that we have time for this kind of bonding. The kids were not with us and it’s only my siblings and I who planned on going to Laguna. Since I have a need for plumber I asked for my brother’s staff and his advice on separating our relatives’ water line. I also inquired about teflon hose and its usage since I need some for the house. It was really nice talking to him and asking about his ideas on our planned renovation in the house, choice of floor tiles and anything about home repairs. After careful thinking on our travel to province we decided to go back home and informed our cousins there that we’re backing out. It’s too dangerous to keep on travelling especially that it’s raining and dark in the mountains.


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