Friday, February 17, 2012

Camp Meeting Preparation

Last Sunday we had a meeting in the church about our forthcoming summer camp meeting. We’ve already made reservation on our former camp site which is also the retreat place of my daughters’ school. We’ve grown used to the place since we’ve rented it for four camp meetings already and it’s more accessible than our camp site in Indang, Cavite near Tagaytay City. We always spent our holy week on summer camp fellowship where we bring all our things and food for 2-3 days on chosen camp site , sleep on tents at night and have fellowship services in the morning and afternoon.

We stay together for the whole period and no one’s going home until the camp meeting is finished. This is the reason why we need to bring our vehicles and carry all our things such as emergency kits, foodies, clothes, sleeping bags and tents. Most of our vehicles carry too much baggage that I’m thinking of having those whispbar roof racks on our cars so we will be able to maximize car space. Of course even with heavy baggage we still want our car to maintain its good looks so having nice roof racks will definitely be an advantage. It can carry high load capacity on different terrain without looking messed up.


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