Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Better Job Location

My niece’ husband resigned from job and applied to a big call center company. He was very happy when he passed the exam and the interview because it was not so easy to enter employment in that company. He was offered a compensation rate and benefits better than his last call center company. He’s excited that he’ll be handling his favorite xbox 360 for his account. It was a good company with good salary and product account but when he learned that he’ll be assigned in a very far place he opt to accept the job when he’s ready.

He just told the management that he can’t start right away to fix some papers with his former employer. The company accepted his reason and told him to come back if everything is clear. He accepted the next job offer that came after that with a good work location and less transportation expenses. Although I highly recommend the first company that he has applied for I understand that he didn’t want to have a far location of work because my niece has just given birth and he might not be always available for her needs.


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