Thursday, March 13, 2014

Music in Our Home

Home is where we always want to be when we feel so stressed in our work and want to unwind in peace. Hence, we want it to be the most relaxing place on earth for us to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. This is also the place where we build not just our family but our dreams as well so it should be filled with all the beautiful things that we want to have. Our home is not as beautiful as dreamers would want but I can say that we always feel happy staying in our home which is filled with recreational things to fill our free time. 

We all love music and my kids take time off from their other activities to spend time learning musical instruments. I guess it’s also in our blood to have flair in music as my grandfather and uncle are great musicians in their time. Now I can see that my brother’s kids and mine are all devoted to playing various instruments like new youth electric guitar, piano, flute and drums. It’s so relaxing to hear the kids playing music at home especially when they play inspirational Christian songs which uplifts the spirits and inspires us as well.


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