Monday, September 17, 2012

Using Charts in Teaching Your Kids

The use of charts in teaching a child is an effective way to enhance the skills of the students naturally.  This way the child can see studying in a different way-an interesting approach in familiarizing the kid with the lessons he should learn.  We use charts like this in the house and paste it on one wall whenever our little boy has quarterly and midterm exams or sometimes if the lesson is not so clear to him.  As my husband is on his education degree himself he feels that Josh is adept to learning techniques like this. See for your own.


New Musical Instruments for the New University

After a year of ground breaking of the university where my husband is studying they finally moved to their new place, a place where the management finally settled their university for fruitful years of educating people. As DH former professor in electronics were the ones in charge of the program and music he requested DH to help him with arrangement of sound system and music. The Electronics’ course department are usually the people involved in it. 

Anyway as they want to deliver the best sound system for the special occasion of ribbon cutting and opening of URS they asked DH to buy brand new amplifiers and subwoofer from good source of musical instruments and devices like peavey electronics as they wanted the best for the musical presentation in the program. Well said program went well as planned and DH was relieved at the results. He went home tired but glad that in the next days to come they can start schooling in their new University home.


Relaxing Water Walls

Every day when I walk on my way to home from my office I pass by megamall place where I always like to see the beautiful huge water walls. Whenever I see those water fountains I feel relaxed and refreshed and my tiredness from work seems to fade away a bit. I was thinking that if I could possibly have the same kind at home maybe I’ll be able to be more productive with my writing. 

Well these water walls especially those kenroy home water fountains can be a perfect piece of decor to any home and a good way to achieve serene environment as well. I really love to have those water walls and if I’ll have the budget for it I know that it will make my days calm and peaceful.


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