Friday, October 1, 2010

:Looking at The Sky on Friday#96: Sky Between Buildings


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This is a shot from my place in Elem. School Gym while I was waiting for my daughter's Press Conference.  The sky was so brilliant that day.  The blue sky was a perfect background for the silky soft cottony clouds making its beauty noticed between the trees and the new Dept. of Education building.  I love the clarity of the colors here from the trees, sky, clouds and the building, perfect for sky watching on limited space.

I love sky watching wherever my cam takes me whether it's on wide-spaced field or narrow space like this one. God's creations are indeed beautiful.  Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Healthcare Job Vacancies

I noticed these past few months that I’ve been seeing online lots of vacancies for healthcare staff in most areas of the world that’s why some parents encouraged their children to take up any healthcare related course so they can apply for a good-paying job in other countries. Our tenant finished a business degree in college but studied again and took up Nursing because she learned that there’s a great demand for healthcare it jobs and other health-related jobs abroad. Actually even my Auntie living in U.S. is running a nursing home and often times she would hire from our hometown and get them employed as caregivers. It was her passion to help unemployed friends, relatives and other hometown mates.


Interested on Other Things

My daughter is really interested in collecting old coins just like me and she’s searching in Wikipedia about how coins are being made and why we need to have coins from the government. Gen always has a way of being interested on things. In fact she’s very competitive and unlike other girls who were starting to know about how they can beautify themselves she resist from it. She’s more interested in inter-school contests than having some girly things talk. 

Anyway among her collections she love most the two gold coins that Mom has found for her. I forgot to look at the date but it seems uncommon with the rest of her silver coins. Oh well that makes that two coins special to Gen. I told her to keep it for investment, who knows when she grows old it may reach great value. Funny kid she looks like me and she acts like me when I was still a kid. Even my friends told me so.


I Should Move a Lot

Why is it that when women gains weight it’s their belly that suffers most. I have observed this to most of my women friends in my kids’ school just like me when I gain weight. I assumed that it can be due to prolonged sitting because my Auntie told me that I should stand up once in a while for me not to accumulate fat on my belly. Not knowing if it’s true I try to get out of my working chair once in a while to avoid what my Auntie was telling me. Anyway I think proper diet, regular exercise and frequent body movements can help my belly fat burning to shed off excess pounds. I came to know also that it has something to do with body’s metabolism and because I’m not getting any younger each day I should move a lot.


Top 10 September Droppers

Just want to say thank you for visiting and dropping by my blog.  Your support is much appreciated.  Hope to see you again this month.

Dropper # of drops 31
Fledgling Blogger 24
Ramblings of a Haemophiliac 12
Beyond My Quiet Zone 10
Story Teller's BLOG 10
Tips for creative writing 9
Technical solutions... 7
C'est La Vie 6
SuiteSole Interior Design 6
My Online and Offline World 4

So I saw my friends June of Fledging Blogger and Tita Beng of Beyond My Quiet Zone here again together with others like Guitarbench, Ramblings of a Haemophiliac, Story Teller's Blog and Tips for creative writing just like my top droppers in my Main blog, Moments of My Life.  Efforts appreciated!


A Chance to Good Opportunities

Giving your kids a chance to have a quality education in their lives is one noble responsibility of parents. Sending them to good schools even if it would mean tight budget allocation can be compared to putting your hard-earned money to a profitable investment. When you let your kids study on good schools you’re giving them a good opportunity of landing a good job after college. Just like when you let your money be invested to a tangible kind like gold coins which will also give you an assurance of high returns on capital. Both instances are good investment and proper planning and thinking should be made to arrive at a good decision.


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