Friday, October 1, 2010

Interested on Other Things

My daughter is really interested in collecting old coins just like me and she’s searching in Wikipedia about how coins are being made and why we need to have coins from the government. Gen always has a way of being interested on things. In fact she’s very competitive and unlike other girls who were starting to know about how they can beautify themselves she resist from it. She’s more interested in inter-school contests than having some girly things talk. 

Anyway among her collections she love most the two gold coins that Mom has found for her. I forgot to look at the date but it seems uncommon with the rest of her silver coins. Oh well that makes that two coins special to Gen. I told her to keep it for investment, who knows when she grows old it may reach great value. Funny kid she looks like me and she acts like me when I was still a kid. Even my friends told me so.


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