Monday, May 31, 2010

Missing Our Old Car

My Auntie told me about the car that’s currently on sale just a few blocks from them. She told me that the car is still in its best look and condition but she forgot to ask the model and brand of the car. She laughed when I asked that because she forgot to look or ask for that lol! Anyway we’re just fine for now because anytime we wish to use my brother’s car we can borrow it. I’m just used that every year we arrange for our car registration, look for cheap insurance quote and when we have time and extra money we buy small accessories for our car.

Actually I missed our old car and very time I see a car similar I look for the plate number immediately hoping it could be our car. The buyer of our car told me that they will recondition the car and when it’s ready they will drop by so I can see what they’ve done with it. Anyway I’m just being sentimental over it


Sickness Brought About By Too Much Heat

I thought it’s going to rain in the morning because it has grown dark while I was hanging our clothes to dry. It never rained up to this hour but the weather is not that hot as I can still breathe fresh air in our backyard. When the rainy season comes I hope skin diseases like rashes, acne and some other skin related disease will lessen. Well for problems on this you can click here for information.

Also, I know the prevailing chicken pox outbreak would stop as it adds problems in the community. It may not also be conducive to school opening as cases of this disease will multiply for sure. So I was really hoping for a change of weather as this current hot season posed much danger in people not only on skin-related diseases but also on heart-related sickness.


Friday, May 28, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #78 - Over at Marabella Resort

Click the image to see larger view

This is one of the shots I have of sunset over the top of Marabella Resort in Antipolo, Rizal. I've been there to attend my niece wedding and it was celebrated just in time when the sun sets in the afternoon. I love capturing sunset and it's not everyday that I'm on top of the hill like this one. I love sunset and whenever I see good angle I took pictures just to remember the glorious beauty of God's creation. Btw can you imagine the figure on the clouds here?

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Quick Cash for Your Immediate Needs

It’s payday again tomorrow and I know that every payday also brings about expenses and monthly bills to pay for. If you’re the type who plans every incoming expenses and pay for it on due dates you is lucky enough because not all can do that. Sometimes your pay check is not enough to cover your bills and incoming expenses but if you borrow money from the bank it will take a long time to process your loan. So take some options that will guarantee fast and easy processing like payday advance which answers your immediate need for cash and saves you from emergency cash problems. This loan can really work out for your emergency needs and payable in short period also.

Anyway it’s really for fast, easy and quick approval loan so it’s a great help for those who didn’t have the time to wait long for their loans to be approved. And if you’re just borrowing a small amount you will not have to suffer from long processed loans. You also wouldn’t have to think about big interest on this. This is actually a less stressful option for your immediate need for cash.


Looking for Healthy Supplements

There are many products that I want to try using when I’m looking for healthy supplement medicines that I want for my Mom. I was actually looking for a supplement to strengthen her bones and limbs so I browsed and read some supplement reviews so I can have an idea of the veracity of the promo for different supplements in the market. Believe me there are many out there in the market and they’re all offering the best according to them. But actually that’s only for their marketing strategy. The consumer should know the contents and the quality of the medicines before taking it. Better still consult your family doctor first so you’ll be safe and assured that it can be good on you.


Ruth’s Summer Refresher Course

My daughter will finish her Summer Refresher Course today. It’s an advance class for her in English and Math. I’ve enrolled her in the class for her to gain confidence in speaking and to be able to review her previous knowledge in the two important subjects in education – English and Math. For me it’s the two main important subjects they need to excel in facing challenges in learning.
It’s been discussed in our house at the start of her enrollment if we will enroll her or not and I’m glad that hubby agreed with us that it will do well for Ruth to spend part of her summer vacation in a refresher course. She’s also happy and enthusiastic about it. Now she’s ready to face another level of learning this school opening as high school Freshman and really challenging for her as she’s included in the pilot section.


Regaining Your Good Credit Name

I have experienced having more than one credit cards and I can say that it’s very tempting to buy for the things that you want. Sometimes you tend to buy for the things that you don’t really need but you desire in your heart. That’s not good for a wise financing as it can lead you to big credit card debts. Actually credit cards can be a great help in us especially if we’re smart in using it. You can use it on your groceries, purchase of furniture, acquiring gadgets and many more but the thing is you must pay it on the date assigned.

There are installment payments available in one year like what I did in my laptop or you can pay it in full. This way you will not be charged even a single interest. But the moment that you take your purchase as credit and pay only the minimum amount due every billing period you can find yourself in big card debt you will find yourself in big trouble. If you’re in this hard situation there are options which you can do to regain your good credit standing and that’s applying for credit card debt settlement which offers a less stressful option. They will help you settle your bills and debt for less than your actual debts and give you a monthly due that’s affordable to your budget. This is quite a great relief to your credit card debt burden and soon you’ll be debt-free again.


Play Golf and Design Houses

I used to be very athletic when I was in school but now due to busy schedule I can’t delegate some of my time to going back to some of my sports. My weight suffers from this neglect of sports as the former slim body became bigger now. I’m just thankful that despite my increased weight I can still walk easily and with agility for 2-3 kilometers. I used to play volleyball, table tennis, badminton, softball and bowling. I also join walkathon and marathon. Now I can only exert my energy to my household chores lol!

Well I promised myself that some of these coming days I will return on one of the sports I used to play. I don’t play golf but I have used golf balls here with me as some remembrance from my friend in my first job. I’m keeping it for my son because he wants to play golf. He’s doing it on online games, in the games of my mobile phone and on his golf set toys. I don’t know someday if he’ll continue with his golf liking because now he’s into designing houses. He told me he wants to be an architect someday. Dreams are not for adults only because little kids dreams a lot too, don’t you think so?


Help in Paying for Your Kids’ School Fees

School season is coming in two weeks time and I’m glad we’re finished with enrolling our kids. It takes quite some finances to pay for their tuition fees, uniforms, books and other miscellaneous fees. Hubby and I had it planned already as early as the start of this year so we were able to schedule our expense priorities monthly. I had all school expenses paid for and bought all their school things, bags and shoes in the middle of this month. I’ve chosen quarterly payments as its more convenient for me; anyway it’s just a matter of few hundred differences if you pay in full payment cash so I opted for that payment mode.

For others who have no savings or not prepared for the big school expenses you can apply for payday advance which can help in paying for your kids’ tuition fees. It’s easy and quick so you’ll have no worries that you’ll not make it to the enrollment deadline. It’s more convenient than having your loan on other means such as high-interest loan companies or banks. This way you can be assured that your kids will be ready for this coming school year. Now you can spend some of your money on buying other school necessities. I'm sure all our kids are excited now!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Need A Lot More Help myspace graphic comments

In our everyday living we try to live up to everyone's expectations and in the process we sometimes step on the boundaries of pleasing other people or staying straight and good. Everyday we want to do good things to our friends and neighbors but it's actually hard sometimes if the people around you makes it difficult for you. Still as a Christian you must take each day as a challenge of our faith and setting a good example to others. I find this prayer applicable and we really need God's help to conquer our fears and face life's challenge with complete trust in Him.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Experiencing the Hot Temperature Also

With the heat we’re experiencing right now I’m really praying for the rain to come. It rained yesterday on some parts of Metro Manila but still the weather is too hot. I envy those living in cooler part in the North where they enjoy a cooler temperature all year long. I have a friend living in Baguio and they have electric fireplaces in their house which they use whenever the season is too cold to endure. But now she complained that they’re already using electric fans to cool them down because the heat here in the Southern part seems to reach the North also. The only people there who have a cooler temperature are those living in the mountains.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Types of Mens Shorts

Mens shorts come in many different colors, styles, and lengths. As a man, you have wide ranges of choices in mens shorts, depending on your likes and dislikes. Some include great fabrics and are extremely comfortable. Other mens shorts offer a wide array of colors and textures that fit any occasion or event.

In addition, the range of customized shorts from different designers is endless. You can choose anywhere from shorts with zippers or buttons to personalized embroidery and stitching on the fabric. Be careful not to fall into the trap of buying the first pair of shorts you find. Since there are so many different styles of mens shorts, try on several different pairs before making a final decision.

The following are some basic styles to consider while shopping for mens shorts:

Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts are always in fashion on the golf course, however, try not to venture out and wear them to more formal occasions like dinner parties and social events. These shorts are always comfortable, but don't find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time while wearing them. With the casual style and cut of these shorts, you should probably wear them at less casual events.

Gym Shorts

The only time gym shorts look good on men is in the gym or at an athletic event. Although many men can't resist wearing them (due to the fact that they're so comfortable), don't make the mistake of wearing gym shorts in public. It seems that men will sacrifice nearly everything and cope with disapproving glances for the sake of wearing a comfortable pair of shorts.


Jorts are cutoffs or jean shorts. Unless you're a five-year-old boy (or want to wear them around the house where no one can see you), you probably shouldn't wear them at all. Jorts can certainly be considered a fashion faux paus, and fortunately, most people choose not to wear them.


The Five Factor Values Test

You are Loyal, Generous, Humble and Tolerant


You value loyalty a fair amount.
You're loyal to your friends... to a point.
But if they cross you, you will reconsider your loyalties.
Staying true to others is important to you, but you also stay true to yourself.


You don't really value honesty.
You do value getting your way, no matter what.
And if a little lying is required to do that, no problem.
A few white lies never hurt anyone (at least, that's what you tell yourself!)


You value generosity a fair amount.
You are all about giving, as long as there's some give and take.
Supportive and kind, you don't mind helping out a friend in need.
But you know when you've given too much. You have no problem saying "no"!


You value humility a fair amount.
You tend to be an easy going, humble person.
But occasionally your ego takes over.
You have a slight competitive streak - and the need to be the best.


You value tolerance a fair amount.
You are open to new cultures, beliefs, and ideas.
You have very few prejudices that you're aware of.
And while you are tolerant, you do stand true to what you believe.


Common Poker Mistakes: Playing Every Hand

The mistakes made by new Texas Holdem players are frequently the exact same ones. One of the most common is to play every hand. If not every hand is played, then beginners still frequently play more hands than they should. This is especially true in low limit games, including online games at casinos like Caesars Online, where playing a hand may only cost a very small amount of money. However, you must remember that you're also developing habits that will last a long time in these beginning poker rooms. Here are reasons why you shouldn't play every hand.

Playing every hand will quickly drain your money, even when it doesn't seem like it. Your stack may only go down a little bit at a time, but if it goes down frequently enough, you will quickly run out of money. That money is meant for better things, like betting when you have a strong hand. There's no reason to waste it on two sevens off-suit.

Playing every hand is statistically a horrible decision. The hands that are really worth playing only come around every so often. Even though it's exciting to play frequently, and even though you may get lucky once every few hands, it's statistically better to reserve your chips for your truly solid cards. Bring an iPod to the table with you if necessary, but don't let boredom force you onto the table when it's disadvantageous.

When starting out at limit tables, which is where you should generally start, it's important to play no more than one out of every three hands. Even this is more frequent than you really should play, but it's a good starting point and will help you narrow down your selection of cards. Obviously, though, if you get pocket aces back to back, you should play them both.


Monday, May 24, 2010

MYM/RT: Winnie the Pooh at Tom's World


These are some of the cute stuff toys you can bring home when you got lucky at UFO Catcher in Tom's World. I just love the combination of yellow and red here, very noticeable for kids! My eldest kid Ruth who is a big girl now is so fond of this game. Most of the times she's not lucky enough but she's had her times when she caught a pretty lavender stuff toys which she love dearly. It was an achievement for her to be able to catch her desired stuff toys!

Know what? It's not for kids only as I've known some male office mates of DH frequent this kind of game in Quantum and they became expert. They're able to catch nice stuff toys every time they insert their tokens lol!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Profit Investment After Employment

There are many new graduates again this school year and I’m really wondering if they can all be employed. It takes some good credentials before you can be employed and you need to undergo training, probationary period before reaching the regular status. Then after that you don’t have assurance that your salary will be able to meet your family’s needs. It’s a pity sometimes that our high hopes when we were studying will not be met by our present job. Well there are different cases and some got lucky and was able to land a good-paying job.

My previous job which I was employed for 16 years gave me a regular income to sustain my family’s needs and I was able to help my husband in raising our kids. When I resigned from it few months ago to be a work-at-home Mom I thought of entering some kind of investment to be my fall back when I need some finances. I found many channels of investment like stocks, properties and investing on precious metals where you have to buy gold bullion. US Gold Bureau provides these investment opportunities where you can purchase silver, gold or platinum coins. You can choose whether you want it delivered or be placed in safe bank storage. I’m still thinking up to now as I also know that gold is really a good investment because it appreciates value over the years.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Opening of Classes Moved to June 15

The news came to me as ordinary one as I'm so used with moving of holiday and I have a private joke that if they can move the New Year holiday maybe they will do so. But how can you move its date without changing the words lol! So for me New Year is the only holiday that they can't change. I know that they still haven't had the courage to change Christmas Day for some fears I think! Now I'm looking forward to a more consistent dates of holidays in the Philippines with the new President. Hoping...

Well now the Independence Day which for me should not be moved because it's one of the most precious occasion for the Filipinos has been moved again into the 14th day so opening of classes was adjusted too! I'm still waiting for CHEd if there's a change in College' opening of classes!

Here's an excerpt from the newspaper:

Manila Bulletin

The Department of Education (DepEd) announced that classes in all public schools have been moved from June 14 to June 15 (Tuesday) to give way to the celebration of the 112th Independence Day. Education Secretary Mona Valisno said the holiday for Independence Day has been moved from June 12 to 14 by MalacaƱang in accordance with Republic Act No. 9492. Under the law, holidays, except those religious in nature, are moved to the nearest Monday. Valisno said that the June 15 opening is mandatory for all public schools nationwide, but not necessarily for private schools. "They (private schools) may have a different school opening so long as they comply with the minimum number of class days for the entire school year and they notify the local DepEd Division Office of the date of their class opening," she explained. Still, according to her, private schools may deviate from the June 15 opening, provided that they do not start classes earlier than the first Monday of June or later than the last day of August. ...........


Ocular Inspection for Mom's Bday Celebration

Mom will celebrate her 78th birthday this 30th of May but we’re going to celebrate it this Saturday. Our relatives in Laguna suggested a resort birthday celebration so we can enjoy the day swimming, eating, chatting and relaxing just like we had last 2007 on Mom’s 75th birthday! After arriving in the house from buying my new lappy Redge and I went immediately to the resorts along the lake. Actually we were really heading for our favorite resort few years ago where we also celebrated our own version of bridal shower. We didn’t want the real bridal shower with party and everything, instead of party we enjoyed a night swimming get together at the resort.

Lake Villa Resort and Restaurant is only a simple resort but I love its huge area and accommodating staff. With one pool open for exclusive renting and the other 3 pools for public usage. They have AC rooms available if you want to spend a day or overnight stay after dipping in the pool. We brought home brochures and we’ll discuss it to big brother if he’ll agree. He earlier wanted a private pool for us as guests will be coming from our province too but we also wanted to enjoy more pools and some beautiful views of the lake.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Search Online for Prescription Meds

When you are in need of a new medication, you want to read as much about the medication as possible before taking it. However, the number of prescription drugs currently available can be overwhelming when you are trying to decide which is right for you. There are often several forms of one prescription drug including brand name and generic forms and this just makes choosing one even more difficult. When you want information regarding prescription meds, try searching online for this information. There are many useful websites that offer prescription drug information so you should easily be able to locate the meds that you want to research.

One way to simplify your online search for prescription meds is to make a list of your symptoms before searching. This can help you pinpoint which med you may need. Once you have found a few medications that are specifically for your symptoms, compare those meds. Look at the differences in price, how often you need to take each as well as the risks associated with each medication.

Even if you find prescription meds online that you think will help treat your symptoms, you should verify this information with your doctor. You doctor is professionally trained to evaluate your symptoms and match them with the appropriate medication. If anything, your online search will help inform you of your options and can give you ideas of additional questions to ask your doctor.

Once you have settled on a medication, be sure to check for any available discounts. Your doctor may have free samples of the medication that you can try before filling a prescription. You can also print off a free discount medication card online to use at your pharmacy and receive substantial discounts on your medications. Many websites offer discount medication cards so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one.


Above Ground Swimming Pool: Precautions

It's been a struggle across the seasons. You've wanted a pool; you've refused to have one; and now you're finally submitting to the need, urged by your children's insistence and your partner's pleas. But you still flinch with every moment, wondering if you made the right decision. An above ground swimming pool is meant to be secure but your mind has conjured all fates possible (and even the ones uncommon). You're afraid. You don't have to be. There are ways to create a safe environment for your family. You can make a pool as protected as you need it to be.

First choose a ladder that can be removed at your discretion; such as during the winter months when the pool will not be in use. This will keep young children from being able to reach the edge and tumble down (whether into the water or to the lawn itself). When the ladder must remain, though, be certain that it is tightly connected and will not falter with any weight. You do not want it to break.

To ensure that children cannot access the pool without your supervision, consider placing a fence around it. This will keep all guests from having immediate access and will also offer privacy. Be certain that you have the proper budget and permission to do this, though; and remember that there are cost-effective alternatives to wood. Mesh and nylon barriers can be chosen.

Finally be certain to use a pool cover. No family should be without this. It provides a heavy barrier between water and skin, and will keep your children from falling in. It will also serve as a way to keep debris away from your filters. This will allow maintenance to remain easy.

Safety is not impossible. With these simple suggestions, you can have the excitement of an above ground swimming pool and none of the concerns.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Life's Challenge

Your Life's Challenge is Being Fussy

You are a responsible, detail oriented person who everyone can count on. You never let others down.
You are a perfectionist, and you hold yourself to high standards. You enjoy being a success.

However, you tend to hold others to high standards as well, and they almost always fail to live up to them.
Lighten up a little, and cut people some slack. You may want to cut yourself a little slack too while you're at it.


Friday, May 14, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #76: Robinsons' Clubhouse


Click the image to see larger view

It's Friday once again and what I have for this week is my shot of the sky from the Robinson's Homes subdivision view. We attended our dear Iya's christening and after the hustles and bustles of the occasion we went to the village' clubhouse and my kids and niece plunged in. It was the village swimming pool and we only paid a small amount for this as we have a homeowner with us none other than Lister, DH of my niece Heidi.

It was a planned swimming actualy as my kids had me packed swimming clothes one day before the occasion. Kuya Lister as they called him promised them that he will accompany them to their clubhouse. As there were still some visitors in the house I told Lister to go back to the house and I'll take care of everything. I didn't swim so I can monitor my kids full time no other things in mind and as I sit on the bench overlooking my kids 3 meters away from me I took the chance to sky watch and took some beautiful shots. We enjoyed the day and my kids were so happy and contented.

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Finding the Right Man to be Engaged with

Finding your Mr. Right is not that easy because it takes some careful thinking if the one you’re dating and giving attention is the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. You can’t tell immediately if the one you’re in love with is really the one that’s destined to be your husband. I myself asked for signs from God if the one I’m in love with is the one that’s right for me until the
end. I was really decided that whoever I chose to be my boyfriend will also be my husband. God showed me the signs I was asking for and now I’m happily married with my husband for 14 years. It was a blissful 14 years of being together and still in love up to now. It was a blessing given from above and I couldn’t ask for more.

Remembering those times of friendship, courtship and marriage was all happy thoughts. I know that almost all married couples passed these stages and experience the excitement of getting engaged and choosing the best engagement rings to seal their love and vow to each other. It’s the nearest thing to getting married and actually the last step to decide if you really want to be with each other forever. Well for ordinary people like us we had our own simple yet elegant designs that we love.

For those couples who can afford the best engagement rings they chose diamonds because as they say ‘diamonds are forever’ like the love and relationship it seals upon. We all want our love to last forever didn’t we? Like the diamond solitaires that we long to have when we get married. Just as the ring remains classic and forever strong we want our love to stay that way too.

Sometimes we encounter difficult situation and circumstances that test the love we’ve professed to our loved one. Remember that Mr. Right is not Mr. Perfect. Thus prayers should be with your relationship to guide and keep you together. God should be the center of every relationship to make it stronger and to last forever.


Our Own Summer Class

Learning is infectious! Now that Ruth is having her summer advance classes for advance English and Math my second child is planning a scheduled summer review this coming week. She asked me to review with her their grade five lessons everyday for a specific time in the afternoon. She wants to start energetic this coming school year because she’s going to graduate soon. She’ll be aiming for an honor again and she knows that it will take her lots of perseverance, hard work, time, discipline and many other things to achieve her goal. I told Gen that everything can be achieved through prayers and hard work.


Helpful Healthy Facts

My Mom has been afflicted with coughs and colds but after having two days of medicines she announced that she’s fine and will just eat fruits to recover her health. She’s really like that when she gets sick she didn’t want to depend too much on medicines for getting well. Even on her most painful arthritis she prefers having ointments than drinking medicine. Well some of my friends told me that it’s dangerous sometimes to drink too much pain reliever but I’m also advising my Mom to take some treatment options if the pain is severe.

I’ve been reading some Health Facts and I learned some really helpful tips and theories. We need our joints to be healthy always because we can’t move if we’re suffering from joint pains. Every time I see my Mom having difficulty in standing and walking I’m thinking of a good joint pain relief or supplement that can improve her mobility. I also want some medicines to rehabilitate her damage cartilages and have her painful joints repaired.

Health Facts For You has been a great help in giving helpful information on rheumatoid arthritis. I learned about the importance of having healthy joints and the possible remedies to reduce the pain and possibly repair it. Now I’m looking forward to seeing my Mom improve her mobility so we can bring her anywhere with us whenever we want to have picnic, travel or shopping at the mall. We’d love to have her around with us always.


Advance Classes

I was late in fetching Ruth from her school because I have to check the cheap car insurance for my brother’s pickup car. He needs to have some discounts because he’s saving his money for his four schooling children. His eldest will enter college and he’ll be studying in Mapua where a different kind of semestral period is being practiced. Well they have four semesters in a year and my nephew will be spending a lot in a year so my brother is getting wiser in his finances.

Anyway I find Ruth resting under the tree and wasn’t in any way bored. She smiled when she saw me and I ran over her lessons. The past two weeks was a refresher course for them but I learned from her that next week they will start having advance classes in English and Algebra. That’s what I’m aiming for when I enrolled her. I wanted her to spend some of her summer vacation off the cable TV and internet. Kids tend to forget some of the past lessons during summer vacation so summer classes proved to be a better way of refreshing the child’s intellect. That way she’ll be ready for her first year in high school with confidence.

She loves the attention given to her by the class and her teacher because she’s the top scorer most of the times. She promised me that she’ll be more attentive, perseverant and active this coming school year. I trust and believe her and I pray that God will always guide her in all her activities.


Missing Them

It’s super hot again these days and I’m missing the drizzles of last week. If there’s one thing that I miss when I was still working in office was the air conditioned rooms lol! Of course I also miss some of my officemates whom I became very close. Actually few months back when I had just two weeks to leave my work I began thinking that I’m going to miss eating and chatting with them. I eat with Win and Joe (the two managers there) because we eat late before 1pm.

I missed sharing God’s blessings and wonderful things God has done in our lives with my dear friend Win and the techy chatting with the ever helpful Joe who never seem to run out of answers to our problems with computers. Of course I also missed the girls there especially Jen, Yzette and Florence whom I feel like I’m their elder sister. I often frequent our sister company where I came from before I was transferred to Telecoms and I have some old and new friends there whom I missed talking to.

I sometimes smiled when I looked back at how I was greeted with office problems even before I reached my office. I was the problem solver, peace maker and often the catcher of my boss’ rants lol! It was a hard job doing multi-tasking and taking responsibilities in most of the departments. But when I looked back now I realized that all of my experiences there were like a book that I can open anytime when I want to relish memories of my working life with boss, colleagues and friends that I’ve grown to like and love.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comfortable Office Furniture

I have many online tasks to do and I’m glad I’m very comfortable with the office and computer desks I’m using right now. I was looking for a nice and convenient home office furniture to replace my computer table when one company in our rented place in ML building sold the big office table to me. They’ve replaced their big office furniture with small modern office desks because they want to save space.

Well good for both of us because they’re saving space while I was really looking for big working office desks. Now I can work comfortably with my home office furniture and can stay on it for a couple of hours without complaints. If ever I would buy furniture for my home office it would be like this:


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Power Rates are Soaring Up

Summer brings a huge increase in power rate and every body was surprised at the current electric bill issued by the power supplier. Every household I know had an increase that affects their budget for electricity. It was a surprise rate increase for everyone and we still have one more billing period before the rainy season. I just wonder if we need some energy auditing now that sudden increases seem to knock everyone down.

Our own electric bill increased by around 60% even if we’ve already cut down on some of our electric consumption. We turned off our other refrigerator and decided to use only one until the billing decreases. We put off frequent ironing of clothes and choose to use our wash and wear clothes than the hard to press polo and blouses. If the trend for high electric bills continues I feel that employees and laborers are only working hard to pay for their electric bills and not much money would be left for other basic necessities like food and some essentials. I can see hard days coming for people of my country.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Start for Ruth

I can’t work on a regular basis now because aside from the house chores and planning meals I have to fetch DD from school before lunch. I enrolled her in a summer refresher course for English and Math. It’s not compulsory but since she was enrolled and included in the pilot section I want her to be ready for the coming school year.

The summer class is a refresher course and also an advance course in both subjects. The guidance counselor of the school told the English teacher to concentrate on improving Ruth’s speech. I want Ruth to be confident on speaking before she entered high school. Anyway she’s a consistent pilot class student but she’s on a different school now and I know there are lots of challenges she’s going to face.

Well obviously she’s enjoying every bit of it and I can see that she’s beginning to love her new school. She easily made some friends now and I know before the school year begins she’ll be excited to start early. She’ll be entering a new world now, totally different from her grade school experience, new school, new place, new friends, new teachers and hopefully it will be a good start for her.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Healthy and Fit

I’m into my fourth week of my semi-cleansing program and I began to feel the effect in my tummy as it’s decreasing its size. It’s a small progress only but still it’s a lot of improvement for me to lose a little bit off my big tummy. I was thinking of buying equipment for my exercise but for now it’s still in the planning period so my ab workout will have to wait for awhile until decided upon. For now I’m contented with my meal plans and the foods that I eat beside that. I’m also doing some simple exercises to help keep me fit and active. I was really happy with the results and I’m making it my regular healthy plan which doesn’t only help in losing some excess fat but to make me healthy and fit.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Accurate Cashiering

I visited a small grocery store in our community and I was surprised and kinda glad to see that they’re using barcode scanner now. I’m always been so wary every time I shop on that grocery store because the cashier only punch or type by hands the price of the good in her cash register.

I had a bad experience on that store when my receipt bloated up because the cashier punched a 3-digit price on an item which is obviously a cheap item only. She doubled the first digit which added a big amount on my receipt. I have a habit of knowing exactly what I have to pay so I immediately complained about the receipt which she made me pay before checking it. I paid but I insisted on my complaints to her supervisor. It took me an hour to have them checked and return the excess money to me which delayed my schedule. From now on I’m always aware that they can really make a mistake if you’re not careful with checking. Now I’m more comfortable to buy my groceries from them because of the scanner.


For All Mommies Out There

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Parenting Tip:
I've been a Mommy for almost 13 years now and my experiences with having three kids taught me that each child has a different ways of showing you how much they care about you. You should not compare each skills and capabilities because each have their own original things to excel in.

Parents should be able to give quality time to their kids because they need you now, they will only be kids now not forever. Time flies fast and before you know it they're grown ups already and their world will not only surround on you so spend more time with them now!

As a parent you must teach them the value of respect, trust and honesty and how they will affect family relationship if all of these things will be gone. You should also show them good values and faith in God and let them live a life centered in God because if God is the center of every family everything will be in order.

To all mommy bloggers, happy mother's day!


Planning to Buy My Dream Lappy

Got so much activities in line for me again but not this coming week I hope because I’m going to go over what my friend Jen forwarded me few days ago about discounted deals on laptop model I want to buy. After reading this diet pill reviews I will check again the nearest branch where I can avail the discounted laptop I want. I’ve been planning to buy one last year but I prioritize our little projects in the house because it really needs some repair and renovation. It’s more important then because of the big flood that hit our town which affected some of our appliances. Anyway we’ve recovered from that and we’re better as last year. Now I can buy my dream lappy!


Best Videos for Your Business

Putting up your own business takes a lot of effort, determination, time and finances. You have to be sure what field of business you’ll be putting up because it will determine your success. Many people choose businesses that they’re interested with or their skills are inclined with it. Others picked the ones who have proven to make good sales because the return of profit is very high with it. All of these are all feasible and can be a great success if the entrepreneur is really determined but there are certain factors that can really make your business works.

I learned from my colleagues in my previous job that marketing makes a big push in every business especially those businesses who offers products and services. If you have quality products but don’t have enough marketing your product wouldn’t be noticed and will not make big sales. TV commercials are a big boost although you need some big finance for it. Marketing can be in many forms as I’ve experienced in my previous office you can have it prints like brochures and news ads or you can have videos like what touch local contact is doing with their site. They bring some of the best videos of their clients across United Kingdom. And I think its one effective way of introducing the company’s products and services in a truly enjoyable marketing.

Touchlocal contact makes it possible for any unknown or unpopular business is a popular one with the best business videos created just for it. It will help in the promotion of your business site and you’ll soon reap the rewards from a good marketing means. I’ve seen some videos made by touchlocal contact and I must say they have varied videos of different businesses. Some of their business videos are furniture stores, aircon repairs, interior designers, financial services, photographers, restaurant, car servicing and a lot more. Visit their site to see some of the best business videos that launches good products.


Friday, May 7, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #75


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I got beautiful sky shot again and this is at Ever Ortigas Mall when we're finally waiting for brother's car coming from parking lot. We were having some talk about the recent birthday games of my nephew's 7th birthday in Jollibee when I noticed this scenic view of the sky above the building. Wow! this is really great for me with those small bird-like clouds and those dark blue rays emanating from clouds seems so nicely put together. Well I just love sky shots and really appreciate scenes like this. Glad to capture this for today's meme. Hope you like it too :-)

Happy sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Some Debt Relief

The crisis in our economy has greatly affected many people in their work and finances. Most of the companies can’t afford to raise their salaries which bring deficiencies in their needed budget for their families. I’m one of those who chose to work at home than stay working with little or no yearly increase in my income. It doesn’t only affect the kind of living I want for my family but affects my personal satisfaction in my career and finance growth. I told myself that if I can’t alleviate our financial status through my regular office work then I will just find a way of improving our finances through multiple freelance jobs.

Through my new job I can look after my family and be able to work at the same time in the convenience of my home. I don’t want to be in multiple debts to attend to my family’s basic financial needs. That’s what most people do when their salaries are not enough to pay for family’s expenses. I have a friend who just had her share of financial disorder and been planning to end it by getting debt settlement programs which will help her get back to her good credit standing.

Debt settlement help the consumer in getting their debt balance is paid in less interest and in easy payments by means of debt consolidations. By getting the right company to advise them on handling their debts they can learn how to settle their debts and manage their finances. Debt consolidation is the best way to remedy your problems when you have bad credits. Just seek the help of debt consolidators for some debt relief programs or options that can help you to be debt free in the future. There are solutions to financial problems and this one helps a lot in getting your bad credits in proper order and in getting your good reputation in credit back again.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top Droppers for April

I would like to thank my visitors for always dropping,stopping to read my posts and comment. I'd like to send my warmest appreciation and hope to see you all again here!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stylish Chef Apparel

My daughter is asking me if she could take culinary when she graduates from secondary school. She took after my flair for cooking and been thinking of making it a real profession. Cooking is in our blood I think and we inherited it from our parents and grandparents. Since my daughter is only a kid she likes to assists me in the kitchen in whatever way she can be of help. She also loves to have the muffin hat and apron on her cooking. She loves looking at nice looking chef apparel online and came upon iD by Landau products. They offer corporate apparel, chef apparel and work aprons. They have various choices of apparels that can make a difference in how your restaurant looks. You can choose traditional or trendsetting uniforms for your staff depending on the look you want to achieve.

Remember that chef apparel plays an important part on what your clients may think of your restaurant. With exciting and stylish uniforms you can get the attention of younger generation or with traditional and classic style you’re more likely to attract the elegant and elderly clients. It’s a kind of definition for your restaurant when you choose the quality and style of your employees’ shirts, hats and chef pants. I noticed that they really look into the details of bringing the best uniforms for chefs as they come up with elegant black aprons that will blend well when you need to cater for elegant evening affair, it will give the affair a complete look. We all know that it’s not only food that makes restaurant business flourish but of customer service as well. Good food and good service mix well and you can add your good looking chefs on this.


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