Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Common Poker Mistakes: Playing Every Hand

The mistakes made by new Texas Holdem players are frequently the exact same ones. One of the most common is to play every hand. If not every hand is played, then beginners still frequently play more hands than they should. This is especially true in low limit games, including online games at casinos like Caesars Online, where playing a hand may only cost a very small amount of money. However, you must remember that you're also developing habits that will last a long time in these beginning poker rooms. Here are reasons why you shouldn't play every hand.

Playing every hand will quickly drain your money, even when it doesn't seem like it. Your stack may only go down a little bit at a time, but if it goes down frequently enough, you will quickly run out of money. That money is meant for better things, like betting when you have a strong hand. There's no reason to waste it on two sevens off-suit.

Playing every hand is statistically a horrible decision. The hands that are really worth playing only come around every so often. Even though it's exciting to play frequently, and even though you may get lucky once every few hands, it's statistically better to reserve your chips for your truly solid cards. Bring an iPod to the table with you if necessary, but don't let boredom force you onto the table when it's disadvantageous.

When starting out at limit tables, which is where you should generally start, it's important to play no more than one out of every three hands. Even this is more frequent than you really should play, but it's a good starting point and will help you narrow down your selection of cards. Obviously, though, if you get pocket aces back to back, you should play them both.


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