Thursday, November 22, 2012

Marketing Research for Online Business

I’ve gone through a lot of browsing on home appliances and decors at the mall near our office. I’m thinking that those things will really make a lot of difference with the way our house looks. I’m glad that I did my browsing online as I didn’t want to spend my time to go out and it’s inexpensive too. Since internet has brought us innovations in diverse field of life it has never cease to amaze me with all the good things that go with it. It has given us convenience in a lot of things especially that we can use it to do our searching, shopping and researching. 

With the advent of online shopping finding the right appliance, furniture and other home accessories seem to be easier now and affordable too as we can get special deals and discounted rates. If you have one of those who have an online store you should be able to know what products are most feasible to sell before you even start your online business because it will determine the success of your online business. 

Just the same as with the real business offline it’s important to have information you need so a good marketing research  would be very helpful to make the business successful. Research should cover prospective customers, packaging of products, pricing and how it will fit in with the requirements of would be buyers. All these things should be learned in order to come up with a feasibility studies that will justify the business’ goal and objectives. 

With this in mind qualtrics marketing research will surely be of help as it will give tips and points on how to do the research. They offer Basic Marketing Research Volume 1: Designing Your Study written by Scott Smith Ph. D. together with weekly emails of research tips to maximize full potentials.


Pot Rack from Recycled Bicycle Wheel

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Do you find yourselves doing some recycling of the things that can be functional while being stylish?  Well if you have spare bicycle wheel in your stock room maybe you can do some craft for the kitchen.  You can make a nice functional pot rack from a recycled bicycle wheel like the above image.  It will not only add some decor to your kitchen but organize your pots as well.  

As pots seem a little messy at times you can make innovations with your old items to create something nice like this.  So now every time there's a spare wheel in the garage I know what to do to maximize their usage and create something unique as well. Love the craft idea!


Equipment and Instruments for University Programs

In my husband’s school they have activities for acquaintance party, anniversary or foundation day, student council asembly and some other events that needs sounds system and musical instruments. Sometimes my husband is assigned to ensure that all equipment and instruments are in good working condition. Last year he was the one who bought new amplifiers and speaker for the grand opening of the newly constructed building of the university. 

They’re also thinking of buying a digital mixer in the next few months in time for the series of programs and activities they have scheduled. The husband is now thinking what brand they would like and would be able to afford because there’s one good brand just like Presonus at musicians friend they’ve been considering for a time. If budget would allow they prefer buying quality brands to ensure long usage and quality output results.


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