Friday, August 24, 2012

Gift Wrapping

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On Learning Piano

My kids love music and I’m not surprised as my Mom’s parents were into playing instruments when they were still living. My brother’s kids have a penchant also for playing piano and he sent them to piano school to further enhance their skills. I’m glad that my kids have the same interest in the music world. Now my daughter has played twice in the church and she was offered free tutorial so she can learn as many songs as she wants. She’s also curious about many things pertaining to musical instruments like turntable cartridge and other instrument’s name that’s not so familiar with her. For her learning all of these things pertaining to music are such a privilege and she will study more so she’ll be able to play in the church in the next couple of months depending on her response to training.


Learning TLE

DH is very busy with his new Secondary Education course and I’m really surprised with the bulk of projects and assignments he’s been doing now. With the new curriculum the government is implementing in secondary or high school education there should really be an improvement and enhancement with the way an education student should be taught in the university he has enrolled with. 

As Technology and Livelihood Education is his major subject he has good time in learning every facet of TLE studies which includes subjects like Electronics, Carpentry, Food and other subjects that deemed perfect for TLE subjects.


Gifts for Sister

I’ve been thinking about my gift for my little sister which is a little late now but I just want to be sure that my gift would be just what she needs. She’s my only sister and every birthday that she has I always want to give the best I could afford. She’s not that choosy but I’m thinking of a nice gift that she didn’t have for now like this pretty carrera tag heuer I found online or other things that she’s fond of. I’m dropping by tomorrow to shopping square that we love buying our clothes and shoes from. I remember her spotting the black cardigan she will use when we go to Baguio so probably I’ll buy one of those and add some nice accessories too. When you really think of gift ideas to your loved ones your mind will fly to various kinds of possibilities and it’s worth all the effort and cost.


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