Friday, November 7, 2014

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Security Alarm

Business owners often take a number of common steps in order to safeguard their properties and reduce their financial risk. If you are like most, you have already invested in a comprehensive insurance policy that covers you for losses related to theft, vandalism and other potential events. You may also have high-end locks, key code access or other features installed. While these steps can be used effectively to minimize your losses, the fact is that your business also can benefit from having a security alarm installed. Regardless of the type of business that you run, there are three reasons why every business may consider the installation of an alarm system.

Deter Criminal Activity
If your property is the target of criminal activity, you may be impacted by damage to your building, loss of inventory or equipment and more. Furthermore, your customers and clients may view your property as being unsafe, and this public image can be difficult to overcome. While insurance may be beneficial at minimizing your financial losses after the fact, you actually want to deter criminal activity when possible. Many criminals will actively seek out alarm systems, such as those from Alarm Relay, before making the decision to target a property. Therefore, an alarm system may be effective at deterring criminals from targeting your property.

Prevent Destruction of Property
Most break-ins and other issues result in the destruction of property in some way. For example, a door frame may get busted or a window may shatter during this type of event. Destruction of property can be fixed, but it does take time and money. Interruption of the flow of business may be a factor to consider until the property damage is repaired. Because an alarm system can deter criminal activity, it can also prevent destruction of property.

Minimize the Risk of Paying an Insurance Deductible
You may have insurance that provides you with compensation for lost income, damage to your property or stolen equipment or inventory. However, you generally will still be responsible for the deductible, and this can be expensive. You can minimize the risk of having to pay an insurance deductible by investing in an alarm system. Keep in mind that you may also qualify for a discount on your insurance policy if you have a monitored alarm system.

If your business does not have an alarm system in place, these are three sound reasons why you may want to consider installation. There are numerous systems available for you to consider, and you can easily find one that is suitable for your needs and your budget.


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