Friday, May 21, 2010

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Precautions

It's been a struggle across the seasons. You've wanted a pool; you've refused to have one; and now you're finally submitting to the need, urged by your children's insistence and your partner's pleas. But you still flinch with every moment, wondering if you made the right decision. An above ground swimming pool is meant to be secure but your mind has conjured all fates possible (and even the ones uncommon). You're afraid. You don't have to be. There are ways to create a safe environment for your family. You can make a pool as protected as you need it to be.

First choose a ladder that can be removed at your discretion; such as during the winter months when the pool will not be in use. This will keep young children from being able to reach the edge and tumble down (whether into the water or to the lawn itself). When the ladder must remain, though, be certain that it is tightly connected and will not falter with any weight. You do not want it to break.

To ensure that children cannot access the pool without your supervision, consider placing a fence around it. This will keep all guests from having immediate access and will also offer privacy. Be certain that you have the proper budget and permission to do this, though; and remember that there are cost-effective alternatives to wood. Mesh and nylon barriers can be chosen.

Finally be certain to use a pool cover. No family should be without this. It provides a heavy barrier between water and skin, and will keep your children from falling in. It will also serve as a way to keep debris away from your filters. This will allow maintenance to remain easy.

Safety is not impossible. With these simple suggestions, you can have the excitement of an above ground swimming pool and none of the concerns.


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