Saturday, May 22, 2010

Opening of Classes Moved to June 15

The news came to me as ordinary one as I'm so used with moving of holiday and I have a private joke that if they can move the New Year holiday maybe they will do so. But how can you move its date without changing the words lol! So for me New Year is the only holiday that they can't change. I know that they still haven't had the courage to change Christmas Day for some fears I think! Now I'm looking forward to a more consistent dates of holidays in the Philippines with the new President. Hoping...

Well now the Independence Day which for me should not be moved because it's one of the most precious occasion for the Filipinos has been moved again into the 14th day so opening of classes was adjusted too! I'm still waiting for CHEd if there's a change in College' opening of classes!

Here's an excerpt from the newspaper:

Manila Bulletin

The Department of Education (DepEd) announced that classes in all public schools have been moved from June 14 to June 15 (Tuesday) to give way to the celebration of the 112th Independence Day. Education Secretary Mona Valisno said the holiday for Independence Day has been moved from June 12 to 14 by MalacaƱang in accordance with Republic Act No. 9492. Under the law, holidays, except those religious in nature, are moved to the nearest Monday. Valisno said that the June 15 opening is mandatory for all public schools nationwide, but not necessarily for private schools. "They (private schools) may have a different school opening so long as they comply with the minimum number of class days for the entire school year and they notify the local DepEd Division Office of the date of their class opening," she explained. Still, according to her, private schools may deviate from the June 15 opening, provided that they do not start classes earlier than the first Monday of June or later than the last day of August. ...........


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