Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Power Rates are Soaring Up

Summer brings a huge increase in power rate and every body was surprised at the current electric bill issued by the power supplier. Every household I know had an increase that affects their budget for electricity. It was a surprise rate increase for everyone and we still have one more billing period before the rainy season. I just wonder if we need some energy auditing now that sudden increases seem to knock everyone down.

Our own electric bill increased by around 60% even if we’ve already cut down on some of our electric consumption. We turned off our other refrigerator and decided to use only one until the billing decreases. We put off frequent ironing of clothes and choose to use our wash and wear clothes than the hard to press polo and blouses. If the trend for high electric bills continues I feel that employees and laborers are only working hard to pay for their electric bills and not much money would be left for other basic necessities like food and some essentials. I can see hard days coming for people of my country.


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