Friday, May 28, 2010

Play Golf and Design Houses

I used to be very athletic when I was in school but now due to busy schedule I can’t delegate some of my time to going back to some of my sports. My weight suffers from this neglect of sports as the former slim body became bigger now. I’m just thankful that despite my increased weight I can still walk easily and with agility for 2-3 kilometers. I used to play volleyball, table tennis, badminton, softball and bowling. I also join walkathon and marathon. Now I can only exert my energy to my household chores lol!

Well I promised myself that some of these coming days I will return on one of the sports I used to play. I don’t play golf but I have used golf balls here with me as some remembrance from my friend in my first job. I’m keeping it for my son because he wants to play golf. He’s doing it on online games, in the games of my mobile phone and on his golf set toys. I don’t know someday if he’ll continue with his golf liking because now he’s into designing houses. He told me he wants to be an architect someday. Dreams are not for adults only because little kids dreams a lot too, don’t you think so?


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