Friday, May 14, 2010

Helpful Healthy Facts

My Mom has been afflicted with coughs and colds but after having two days of medicines she announced that she’s fine and will just eat fruits to recover her health. She’s really like that when she gets sick she didn’t want to depend too much on medicines for getting well. Even on her most painful arthritis she prefers having ointments than drinking medicine. Well some of my friends told me that it’s dangerous sometimes to drink too much pain reliever but I’m also advising my Mom to take some treatment options if the pain is severe.

I’ve been reading some Health Facts and I learned some really helpful tips and theories. We need our joints to be healthy always because we can’t move if we’re suffering from joint pains. Every time I see my Mom having difficulty in standing and walking I’m thinking of a good joint pain relief or supplement that can improve her mobility. I also want some medicines to rehabilitate her damage cartilages and have her painful joints repaired.

Health Facts For You has been a great help in giving helpful information on rheumatoid arthritis. I learned about the importance of having healthy joints and the possible remedies to reduce the pain and possibly repair it. Now I’m looking forward to seeing my Mom improve her mobility so we can bring her anywhere with us whenever we want to have picnic, travel or shopping at the mall. We’d love to have her around with us always.


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