Friday, May 14, 2010

Finding the Right Man to be Engaged with

Finding your Mr. Right is not that easy because it takes some careful thinking if the one you’re dating and giving attention is the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. You can’t tell immediately if the one you’re in love with is really the one that’s destined to be your husband. I myself asked for signs from God if the one I’m in love with is the one that’s right for me until the
end. I was really decided that whoever I chose to be my boyfriend will also be my husband. God showed me the signs I was asking for and now I’m happily married with my husband for 14 years. It was a blissful 14 years of being together and still in love up to now. It was a blessing given from above and I couldn’t ask for more.

Remembering those times of friendship, courtship and marriage was all happy thoughts. I know that almost all married couples passed these stages and experience the excitement of getting engaged and choosing the best engagement rings to seal their love and vow to each other. It’s the nearest thing to getting married and actually the last step to decide if you really want to be with each other forever. Well for ordinary people like us we had our own simple yet elegant designs that we love.

For those couples who can afford the best engagement rings they chose diamonds because as they say ‘diamonds are forever’ like the love and relationship it seals upon. We all want our love to last forever didn’t we? Like the diamond solitaires that we long to have when we get married. Just as the ring remains classic and forever strong we want our love to stay that way too.

Sometimes we encounter difficult situation and circumstances that test the love we’ve professed to our loved one. Remember that Mr. Right is not Mr. Perfect. Thus prayers should be with your relationship to guide and keep you together. God should be the center of every relationship to make it stronger and to last forever.


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