Friday, May 14, 2010

Advance Classes

I was late in fetching Ruth from her school because I have to check the cheap car insurance for my brother’s pickup car. He needs to have some discounts because he’s saving his money for his four schooling children. His eldest will enter college and he’ll be studying in Mapua where a different kind of semestral period is being practiced. Well they have four semesters in a year and my nephew will be spending a lot in a year so my brother is getting wiser in his finances.

Anyway I find Ruth resting under the tree and wasn’t in any way bored. She smiled when she saw me and I ran over her lessons. The past two weeks was a refresher course for them but I learned from her that next week they will start having advance classes in English and Algebra. That’s what I’m aiming for when I enrolled her. I wanted her to spend some of her summer vacation off the cable TV and internet. Kids tend to forget some of the past lessons during summer vacation so summer classes proved to be a better way of refreshing the child’s intellect. That way she’ll be ready for her first year in high school with confidence.

She loves the attention given to her by the class and her teacher because she’s the top scorer most of the times. She promised me that she’ll be more attentive, perseverant and active this coming school year. I trust and believe her and I pray that God will always guide her in all her activities.


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