Friday, May 14, 2010

Missing Them

It’s super hot again these days and I’m missing the drizzles of last week. If there’s one thing that I miss when I was still working in office was the air conditioned rooms lol! Of course I also miss some of my officemates whom I became very close. Actually few months back when I had just two weeks to leave my work I began thinking that I’m going to miss eating and chatting with them. I eat with Win and Joe (the two managers there) because we eat late before 1pm.

I missed sharing God’s blessings and wonderful things God has done in our lives with my dear friend Win and the techy chatting with the ever helpful Joe who never seem to run out of answers to our problems with computers. Of course I also missed the girls there especially Jen, Yzette and Florence whom I feel like I’m their elder sister. I often frequent our sister company where I came from before I was transferred to Telecoms and I have some old and new friends there whom I missed talking to.

I sometimes smiled when I looked back at how I was greeted with office problems even before I reached my office. I was the problem solver, peace maker and often the catcher of my boss’ rants lol! It was a hard job doing multi-tasking and taking responsibilities in most of the departments. But when I looked back now I realized that all of my experiences there were like a book that I can open anytime when I want to relish memories of my working life with boss, colleagues and friends that I’ve grown to like and love.


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