Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keyless Lock for Your Homes

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys whenever you reach home? Sometimes when there’s no one inside your house to open the door for you and you have to get your key to get in you feel very tired to get the key, unlock the door and finally get inside the comfort of your home. I always feel that there’s must be an easy way to get in than the normal way of using the key. In my former office we don’t use key in entering the main glass door as we have electronic lock, it’s a keyless lock which was opened only by the receptionist who hold the button which she touch every time someone is arriving or departing. If there’s no one that will be left inside the office that’s the only way that we’ll be using our electronic door key.

Now it’s not only in commercial places and business offices as we can have it in our own home. There will be no more fumbling for keys. The problem of duplicating keys for each member of the family will also be eliminated. With the new innovation of using keyless lock there are various advantages that goes with it. I think it’s more secure using this new keyless lock as you’ll be assured that no stranger will enter your house unless given temporary permission or access.

This Axxis Biometrics keyless door can program people to have temporary access at desired specific period so we can have guests also if we want. All we need for this keyless lock is our very own fingerprints; I supposed it’s easier to lose a key than a finger! Well I figured out that convenience and security should not be confined to offices only as we also need it in our houses. Our home is the place where we rest our tired body and have some relaxing moments with our kids so it must be well protected and secured for our family’s sake.


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