Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun and Excitement in NYC Sightseeing

Got a call from my former officemate friend and because we’ve last seen each other for about three years now we’ve plenty of stories to share. I’m excited with what’s happening to her career as she’s really good in managing her own architectural/construction firm. She’s not so keen on local projects because she’s making it really big on her Asian projects specifically in Dubai, Qatar and nearby countries. She travels every now and then to supervise her construction projects which are mostly vertical or building projects. She concentrates on building and residential because being an architect gave her more freedom in running and supervising building projects.

As her work demands her time and attention always sometimes she felt tired and drained and just want to spend a week or so in her sister’s house in New York. Well that’s her idea of vacation! She wanted to spend her days roaming around the city where her sister lives and enjoy New York Sightseeing with the group of travelers like her. She’s very fond of taking pictures like me and she enjoys doing it on her museum visits. An architect by profession and photographer by hobby she loves to see magnificent towers, buildings and major attractions of the city. It’s not her first time to do it but she never tires on doing it again. She keeps on chatting to me about the harbor cruises which she never experienced before and told me that her sightseeing experience will be fun and exciting as always!


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