Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vehicle Reimbursement Benefits

Before I resigned from my job and became a work-at-home Mom I had various jobs that taught me the fields of work that I didn’t learn in school. First and foremost I’m a graduate of computer engineering but during my last tenure of work I was assigned to supervise the accounting department, billing and collection department and human resource department. It is then that I realized that it’s good to be flexible in your work and it will help you a lot if you know some other jobs and not only what you have learned in college education. The world of studying is different in the world of employment. You must be smart, skilled and has a lot of patience in your work in order to stay in your job.

In supervising accounting staff I was taught to balance employees and management. I was assigned to handle computation of incentives and to check the reimbursement of gasoline expenses of our employees who were given Car Allowance as one of their benefits. They’re the ones who handle clients’ accounts and they go out everyday to meet with clients and providers. They use their own car for easy travel better than hiring a cab. The company can’t provide several cars for each of them so they were just given allowances for their gasoline expenses.

It’s easy for me to compute and handle them because they’re only few but for those who have many mobile employees they should consult with companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) which can help in customizing reimbursement programs for mobile employees. Many companies find it hard to create database so it’s best to get CRS system to compute for their reimbursement which will be based on actual mileage of the car, gas price, tax and some factors. Things are getting easier these days!


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