Friday, September 11, 2009

Choosing A Reliable Host

When I looked back how I really got into this blogging world I remember my friend who called me one day and coaxed me into opening my own site. It was a new and exciting world for me as I’m getting bored with my work then. I’m not saying that my work is not a good one as I’m working in a small telco company then and I’m responsible for administration, HR, accounting, credit & collection and carrier settlement disputes. Wow I really had a quite multitasking job but it didn’t make my day exciting as it’s not what I want to do in my life then. With my stable job I can’t fully monitor my kids, I can’t go where I want and I didn’t want to stay long in my work. I’ve served the company for more than 15 years and I can’t stay longer because I felt my life can be more fruitful.

With blogging I can have a world of my own, my site is an expression of my life and I got to share inspirational thoughts on it. It’s a nice feeling when you can share God’s wonderful blessings worldwide. Well blogging hooked my life day and night and it also gave me a chance to earn money online which for me is quite a bonus as I’ve enjoyed blogging and I learned a lot from it.

After months of exploring things on my free hosted blog I decided to have my own domain and be hosted by one of the best web hosting sites. I realized that having your own hosted site is a lot of help also as it brings you more capabilities. Even now that I have my host I still read reviews online like just host review and I’ve found out that it reached the #2 slot in the web hosting list. It’s a new web hosting company based in London and offers low cost price plans. Being cheap and low cost doesn’t mean lesser quality as they provide good customer service, excellent technical support, and guaranteed reliability on their hosting services.


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