Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Network that Never Fails

Until now we still don’t have electricity here in our place and I just crossed another town and used my friend’s PC to finish some due online tasks. I sadly missed a handful of my online assignments because of the recent storm that flooded Metro Manila and Eastern Rizal. I just hope that those companies will understand my situation.

During the first day of storm that shocked us all because of the sudden rise of water the foods that we successfully brought in the upper floor were just few rice cakes, water and hot drinks. These foods were our only supplies from lunch to dinner, everything we have in the house were left downstairs including our cooker. Anyway appetite was far from my mind then and I don’t have to think of weight loss pills that work because I was eating scarcely. How can I have appetite when I see the water rising very fast and people were all running for safe grounds?

My hubby and sister were stranded and communication was lost. There was no network and signals except the network to God. Prayer is always welcome and signals never ceases. The only thing that gives me strength is the thought that God will never leave us come what may. I hold on to that thought the whole night. I didn’t sleep that night; I just prayed and talked to God.


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