Friday, April 9, 2010

Intermittent Connection

For the past two weeks we’re having some difficulty in our internet connection thus I’m having a hard time scheduling my kids’ usage in my PC because of my online tasks. I can’t let them use my PC because I have to maximize my time whenever the internet is in good condition. This week I had uninterrupted connection when I’m connected directly to my broadband without the router. I checked my Linksys router for any technical damage but it’s still in perfect condition. Almost everyday our internet fails to give us perfect connection in the morning or at midnight if I’m connected to router and it’s giving me headache as my sister and kids can’t go online. They will have to wait for me to stop or rest before they can use the net.

My friend is also having intermittent connection in her home broadband and she has to go to her internet café located in other area in order to use internet. What’s happening with some internet these days? I also noticed some unscheduled power interruption these past few days. Could it be a premonition of the coming not so peaceful activity next month? Hope not.


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