Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Part of Teenage Years

Now that school vacation is here I look for something that my kids can do inside and outside the house. DH doesn’t want to enroll them in music lessons or any other summer schooling because he wants them to relax and rest this vacation because for ten months they really sacrificed sleeping hours doing their home works and projects. They even go to school on some Saturdays so he deemed it well for them to really have a school vacation.

Since Ruth will enter high school and entering adolescence period I’m teaching her how to take care of herself properly to avoid some skin diseases. Most teenagers experienced using acne cleanser because they suffer from growth of acne on their young skin faces. They will have to use it when they have acne to prevent it from spreading too much. I hope DD will be like me when it comes to face skin problems because my skin type is not prone to that kind of problem. I just experienced it once or twice when I was in my teens. I feel relieve about it because it’s not easy having pimples or acne. It’s irritating to have them and sometimes it’s a source of inferiority complex when you have it.


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