Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keep Our Air Clean and Purified

We need air to breathe and in our daily living we need clean air and environment for maintaining our health. I’ve heard so many stories of air pollution and some even took it in their heart to solve the problem but for me it should start at home. In the place we’re living in we can’t hide the fact that the air is not so clean because of cars, thrash and many other factors that simply pollutes the air we’re breathing in.

But you’ll be surprised that our indoor environment is more polluted than the air outside our house. We can’t really see those dust and bacteria but it’s there lurking around the place we’re living in. These microscopic soot-like particles will be trapped in our surface and before we knew it these will cause the growth of bacteria that will cause sickness in our house. I learned that this can results to allergies, asthma and other major diseases in the heart and lungs.

So before it happens in your household better equip yourself with air purifiers that will clean the indoor air in your house. It’s now a necessity to own at least one home air purifier for your family’s healthy being. If our family’s welfare is in danger we should make every step to safeguard them from dangers. Well if you’re going to ask me what kind of purifier I would choose I will most likely prefer the hepa air purifier over the ionic type because the latter was found to emit ozone and this is a harmful gas that would affect our lung tissues. HEPA air purifier has a better and efficient filter to manage allergens and harmful particles that can cause the growth of bacteria.

We should always keep in mind to choose the products that will ensure safety for our family. And for keeping our environment clean we should start it in our home by throwing our thrash in the right place and by avoiding burning them in our backyard. Our environment needs proper care now as it has been abused by many people. We should take care of the remaining resources we have. It’s God’s gift to mankind.


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