Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doctor’s Advice is Important

I’m really amazed when I see some women with a bony frame and I keep thinking if they have stopped eating or simply eat less for a human requirement. I’m a bit over reacting but I’m really surprised because mothers especially those who have undergone caesarean delivery have a hard time slimming back to their original form. Some says it’s all about metabolism and discipline and I agree to that. I remember last year when I disciplined myself into skipping rice on dinner and taking fruits as alternative. It worked on me and I lost some pounds.

It’s hard to resist dinner but if you’re serious about losing weight you’ll survive. My friend who can’t do the ‘skipping dinner’ thing asked me if drugstores allowed buying phentermine without prescription from doctor. How do I know? I’m afraid to take diet pills without doctor’s advice. I want to lose excessive pounds but I don’t want to be sick from taking diet pills without prescription.


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