Friday, March 19, 2010

Optimum Protection from Sun’s Heat

My Mom told me to bring protection from sun every time I choose to go out of the house. I’m just not used to using umbrella on short distance walk to store. Mother knows best because if the skin is always exposed to sun it will dry out and possibly develop some wrinkles. I don’t want that to happen to me because I’ll need anti wrinkle cream like strivectin if I develop too much wrinkles.

I’m fond of reading reviews on just about any topic and I came upon some reviews about this product not being a complete cream for wrinkles and was introduced first as a cure for stretch marks. The review dwells on the product incapacity to be what it claims to be. It’s not complete with needed ingredients which make it not an ideal one to use if ever I should need one. Now that I don’t have wrinkles yet I guess I can just stay away from sun’s heat and avoid overexposure when outside the house. Of course optimum protection must be in hand always. Anyway there are lots of alternative and I’ll search for it when I have the time.


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