Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cellular Replacement Parts

I bought accessories for my daughter’s cellular phone and she was excited to put it in her phone but when she placed it on her phone she missed the exact place where the accessory will be placed. She accidentally hit the line where the LCD of her phone was connected and she was surprised when she saw a crack in her mobile phone screen. It was an unfortunate case as she was only putting her favorite accessory character on the phone. She didn’t know that I was also talking to myself why I bought the accessory that will damage the phone. Well it was an accident and I’m now finding solutions for her mobile phone.

My niece wanted so much to study basic electronics and cellular phone repair in technology schools that offer such nice vocational courses. Even before she expressed her desire to study she can do simple troubleshooting of appliances and cellular phones. When I asked about the replacement of Gen’s phone she told me that she can have it checked by her friend. Well to help them both I checked primelec.com for Gen’s cellular replacement parts and I found parts, gadgets and some other items at affordable prices. They also offer computer parts, phones, electronic components, servers, hardware and some other gadgets. It’s fun browsing up their site as they have many things to offer.


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