Thursday, March 11, 2010

Customized Bumper Stickers

My sister and I love looking at cars especially if the car has unique accessories that we never see in any other car. She works for a car dealer company so she has more knowledge in car when it comes to brand, parts and accessories. Well who will not be if you’ve worked on the same environment for several years. When we’re on the road on the way to our church we always looked at the car around us and sometimes we see unique bumper sticker that’s really out of the blue meaning not so ordinary.

Well I’m really also fond of car accessories and I want those which are not so commonly used by many people. Of course I want our car to be something like unique in one way or another. My kids’ fondness for stuff toys made us accessorize our car with them and I love it because it made our car cute also. Now I’m searching online for cars online and what caught my attention were the funny customized bumper stickers that says a lot for thinking and laughing. I had a great time reading those lines although they were just samples and if you order from them you’ll have your own unique bumper sticker according to what you want. Cool isn’t it? Just like your car! Well I’m thinking now what will I possibly put if I order my own customized bumper stickers. Got some fresh ideas?


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