Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Careful Not To Get Allergies Again

Few days from now classes will end and kids will have their summer vacation. I’m really looking forward to these summer months because it’s also a break for me to wake up so early at dawn to cook and prepare food for my schooling kids. I can get up an hour later than usual since DH will only be the one who will go to office. I’m thinking of ways on how the kids can be occupied on their vacation. Anyway I’ll have another two weeks for that to think about. For now I’ll have to check the remedy for my friend’s eczema as she’s asking me to help her find the best treatment for the skin disease she got from wearing her leather sandals. She seems to have allergy for leather goods and it’s late when she found out that she has incurred such allergy.

I have a relative that develop a skin disease on her feet upon wearing wet shoes and slippers. It took her some months to treat her eczema and when she finally found the right cure she was very relieved. It’s not an easy thing for her to have that sickness and since then she’s very careful with the kind of shoes she wears. After all she didn’t want the same allergy on her feet again because it’s so painful. She learned her lessons well.


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